Sexuality spread


There are many spreads about love and feeling but a few about the sexuality itself. A lot of relationships do not work correctly because of cautions and inhibitions we sometime have. We know it but we keep our mouths but it's worth to investigate why it doesn't really work out even if we want it.
That's why I created a 'small' spread which helps to deal with problems we might have with it. I tried it out for myself and I got a very clear and sincere answer, so I decided to share it with you. Don't mind the layout, I always lay the cards out the way I think it suits me. If you need one you'll need to create it at yourself.

1. The way I perceive my own appearance
2. That's how I think I appear to the opposite sex
3. That's how I really appear
4. Advice for making a better impression
5. My relation to the sexuality
6. The way I enjoy it
7. My off-limits
8. My special fetish
9. My unfulfilled wish
10. Advice how to fulfill this wish
11. My inhibitions
12. Reason for them
13. Advice how to deal with them
14. Advice how my partner may help me


Lupenrien, thanks very, very much for posting this thread. I have very bad luck when it comes to love (it feels almost Karmic, like it came from a past life) and I'm going to try this spread out tonight. I hope that it will give me some insight, or in any case, help me out with expressing myself in general.


Ps, I'll post my results once I do it.

Shannon Rae

I do not understand position 5.

My relation to the sexuality.

Can you explain what you're trying to say there?


This position is about how you really think about the sexuality itself and the way you are connected to this topic. I think this position is very necessary because it's a big taboo issue and many people cannot talk seriously about it. And even if you're quite open minded it shows you how important is the sexuality for you.


I think you touched a nerve here. I have noticed that trend even on the forum (as evidenced by the number of responses).
I feel I should congratulate you on adressing this issue as boldly and adroitly as you have.

I'm afraid the spread is a bit long for me, I'm rather insecure with the cards still, but I should workout something in the 3-5 cards range..



I think I was subconsciously looking for a spread like this, because now I need to try it.


I did this for both me and my friend. She says her's was enlightening and spot on, and I have to agree!

I'm very pleased with this spread, this was definitely an eye opener. Not to mention... my results gave me a bit of a laugh when I got to how I enjoy my sexuality and what my off-limits were. Two of Pentacles and Wheel of Fortune Rx, I feel like the Energizer Bunny from that xD

Keep it busy and keep the down-time away!


I will definitely try out this spread!!! Thanks for sharing :)


Just found this spread looking for something else. It is VERY interesting! :thumbsup:

I haven't seen anything like it and it looks awesome! :) I also want to congratulate you for tackling a topic that is taboo for a lot of people.

I am going to give this spread a try. I think everyone should do a reading for themselves as it looks to be very telling. :) lol

Thanks for making and sharing your spread, lupenrein! :heart:

Brightest Blessings!