Shadowscapes-10 of Cups


From Stephanie Law's Shadowscapes website:

"Serenity, peace, lasting success and happiness, attainment of the heart's desires, family support and bonds, enjoying the blessings of life."

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From the Shadowscapes Companion Book:

"...They drift in that fluid embrace, buoyed by a lightness in that flares in their hearts... The world outside ceases to exist with this attainment of heart's desire. They want for nothing... This moment of bliss, ...and final contentment must be nurtured and nourished..."


At first glance, to me, this card seems very comparable to the 2 of Cups and The Lovers. This couple also seems similar to the couple in the 7 of Cups, but wearing less clothes.

My first impressions and associations, with out looking up the meaning, was a dreamy, floating feeling of intimate, intertwined, infatuation; subtle light and warmth. I felt like I was witnessing a tender, private moment between a couple. I also enjoy the soft, complimentary colors.

This card depicts an enraptured, loving, intimate couple intertwined and floating in the midst of 10 golden fish (maybe a species of clown or angelfish?). A bright, warm, golden light from the sun shines on them though the water and envelops encircles them.
The male is decorated with a blue, (sun?) spiral and wave-like design. The section of the design on his shoulder is similar to the designs on of the shoulders of the female on the 3 of Coins and the female on the Page of Cups. It also reminds me of the sun decoration on The Fool's right foot.
The female has some kind of round, golden adornments in her hair. I see seven of them. Maybe they are just baubles, or maybe they are miniature suns/glowing orbs, or maybe fish eyes or eggs.
Circles and fish are a prominent themes in this card.

Taking a closer look, I notice the positions of the male's and female's bodies. He almost seems to be catching or carrying her. He also seems to be sitting on, or supported by, her legs. I wonder how long they can float along in that posture? She is posing her hands in an interesting way, and I don't think it's entirely random. I'm haven't the foggiest idea what it might mean, however.

After looking up the meaning, what does not come to mind at all, for me, when looking at this 10 of Cups is "family support and bonds." I suppose their postures would say "supporting each other", but it's just not the first thing that pops in my head. Then again, I am still new-ish to tarot.

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i have to add that there are 10 golden fish and 4 blue fish.
the fish could be their families...? the golden ones could be her family and the blue fish, his. the fish swim casually around them, not bothered nor bothering (by) them. in a way, they support their union. most likely because of the deep understanding and connection between the two of them.