Shadowscapes: Queen of Swords


This card to me reads greatly of loss. There is the pair of swans at her feet, and only one on her shoulder. Her dress folds like white roses, which can be used in weddings for true love, unity, but are also often used in funerals. Her being alone surrounded by so many symbols of unity point towards loss of a loved one. The clear bright whiteness and her boline make me imagine her as a moon woman - and her golden butterflies are a message to the sun wo/man that is now gone (likely controversial, but in my deck, I feel the lost lover was also female). The small amount of growth in the image reinforces the idea of lost sun. But, it is not overwhelmingly sad. More, nostalgic. She will mourn, but not let it overcome her. She is strong (dragon lilies! Strength...) She keeps citrine on her, a small token of remembrance.



With her blade the Queen of Swords slices through lies and deceptions to the heart of truth. She is honesty and inner knowledge, sending forth her winged seekers into the world. They are an extension of her being and her soul.

The blinding white is the color of purity, honesty, clarity, uncompromised balance; but also of distance, and sometimes death, for sometimes to get to truth one must cast off the old to discard pretense and guile.

The Queen of Swords is an intelligent woman, loyal, witty, and humorous in her forthright way. She is valued for her accurate perceptions of the world around her, and her experiences.

In the language of flowers, purple dragon lilies are symbols of inner strength, and white chrysanthemums of truth.

personally i don't see the chrysanthemums o.o am i blind? i only see white calla lilies along the purple ones.
i also associate purple with royalty, elegance. but this is a queen card after all, so of course we have symbols for royalty on it.

i find this card full of grace as well. and fragile in a way.
i need to study it more, i guess.