Shadowscapes Study: Lovers

Kat Moon

Close look

OMG thank you all for your detail. There is so much going on in this card that is missed at first glance. While such a happy card, there is a lot of sinister items going on. This card, could represent all the negative sides of love. Temptation (with the snake and apple), being used (by the girl reaching for the crown), jealousy (by the fairy folk looking less then happy about their embrace). Whole new meanings to this card for me.


the lily is symbol of royalty -fleur the lis, in french.
he's holding one, and the doves seem to have taken away his royal crown, mking him a commoner. she seems to have wished to become a princess since she's reaching for the stolen crown.
perhaps he wants to see what she really wants or feels, now that he decided to kiss her, and lost his royal-ness. his eyes seem sad and not happy -maybe he saw her gazing [=wishing] for his lost crown.

the red ribbon is a symbol for fate. [at least in some eastern asian countries.] they say, each person is meant to have a partner in their lifetime, and the 2 fated people are connected through a red string [or ribbon].

the sun-brooch and his golden hair might mean he's not from earth, but a celestial being. [this ties with him being royalty: in the past, they said kings were the sons of gods to justify their ruling]. her hair is black [or dark colored] and she holds that crown made of flowers to show she's human [belonging to the earth].
--their kiss, when seen like this, might mean we should equally [because this is the Gemini/Twins card] combine day-to-day matters with spirituality for a harmonious life(style). doing this can be tricky because some people can become fanatics about some things [=taking things to the extreme]. the trickiness and the fanatism is expressed by all the temptations around the 2 lovers.