Shadowscapes Tarot - Eight of Pentacles


"craftsman, care for details, patience, absorbed in a project..."

we see a big black and red spider building his web. he is close to what appears to be its center. he used a near-by tree branch as the basis for his web, as well as a rather thin whimsical grass blade for a second side. we don't see a 3rd point of support, which makes me think this spider is not as wise as we would assume. his web also has some holes and doesn't appear 'perfect'. any wind blowing can tear it apart, which probably happened already.

if you look closely at the art on the card [] you can see 2 human-like figures and 3 faces in the tree branch. how scary is that? maybe the web is more effective than what we first thought?

since stephanie chose a spider and its web for this card - we can see the obvious reasons, i think it's also a warning? be wary of those who always seem to have a plan ready? to be careful not to fall into traps carefully designed that we don't see them? [like a fly] - think of a bad loan [like the payday loan], or of the secret charges of a hotel, since the pentacles can indicate money..

or is it that when we think we have the secret plan to success [of any kind] we should work at it in secret, in ways that would make people wonder 'what is he up to' ? [im not sure what i mean here, but something close to being an entrepreneur in a niche nobody thought of before, or is yet to be explored in your area]