Shadowscapes Tarot - Four of Cups


from the

isolated and seeking within, disengaged from the world,

A beautiful blonde mermaid lays on some rocks drawing circles on the water.
some fae seem to bring cups filled with some liquid.. or perhaps the cups are taken away? [the way i see the action, is cups taken away rather than brought to her].
i also see a fish and a turtle at the end of her tail..
on a distant rock, a rock carve with fish can also be seen.
the general color of the card is blue with hints of yellow and white.

i guess, the querent 'has the blues,' in this card.
he may feel like he stagnates - the water is still, and the mermaid is not swimming either. her tail prevents her from moving freely on land too.

whatever small excitement comes, is also rejected because it's not enough.

feelings of emptiness..?

[i must say, i find the suit of cups more easy to read]


me too, I also think that there's somewhat "blue" in here but to me I also think that this card has the solitude feeling, it feels so calm yet so lonely. I got this card for my future part of my love and I'm kinda confused about it. What do you think?


the tarot reading section of the forum would be a better place to ask about the meaning of a card in relation to a spread/ reading.

seeing what this card means, i wouldn't be too happy about it.. nor would i invest time and energy into the relationship :( but for you, there are things only you can tell if this is true or not