Shadowscapes Tarot - Knight of Wands



The Knight of wands is a very daring and passionate individual. He is on a journey for adventure. He is a knight with a lion's heart.

we see a male figure riding a mythical lion with 2 horns [they look like those of the gazelles]. the rider wears a shiny armor and holds a spear. both the lion and the rider look away from us, in the same direction. - a sign they are very in tune with eachother. another indication of this are the green stones decorating the rider's armor and the harness on the lion. the stones are placed over their chest/hearts.
5 foxes run along them, but they look in different directions - are they making sure they're not attacked out of a sudden?
there is a spiral on the lion's side, as well as a seashell directly under the lion.
the red ribbon we well know now, is wrapped around the rider's arm, as well as having a part hanging off of his arm.

the scene makes me think the young man went hunting [foxes are a type of dog]. he is also a rather strong group leader, one that shines the most. he might even rescue you.
he likes his comfort- he's using a saddle to ride the lion.
his control might be a bit brutal: he seems to be holding on to the lion's mane as there are no reigns there - pulling the lion's mane can be more painful.