Shadowscapes Tarot - Page of Wands



Creative, passionate, confident, assured and assertive. A messenger.

Music is an universal language.

A female figure dressed in orange plays the violin with a really long wand. the wand curl and grows green leaves at one end. three is a tear drop shape design on her forehead. she also has crystal-like, multicolored wings. a red ribbon is wrapped and tied to her upper left arm. there is also a strong light at her back, and she stands tall.
5 foxes at her feet, curled against her skirt listen to her music.
2 mystical figures accompany her: one beats a drum, the other plays a guitar like instrument [sorry, i don't know the proper names for these corded musical instruments]
several fae figures fly around the female, mesmerized by her music.
there are also 2 large sea shells on the ground - Fibonacci spirals. 2 tree branches, and what appears to be a circle behind everything.

all i can say, is that i can almost hear the tune she plays. calm, hypnotic, yet full of energy, and healing at the same time.

the foxes seem to have been on quite the journey and adventures - from discovering the wand on the ace, to fighting to be noticed in the five of wands, to protecting their young ones in the 7 of wands, to watching over seeds growing underground in the 8 of wands. Now they need to gather back their energies.

i have no more ideas for this card... :(