Shadowscapes Tarot - Ten of Pentacles


"Enjoying affluence and financial security, luxury, and good fortune. a traditionalist, rooted to convention and to rules."

we see a young woman riding a dragon. she holds a peach and the dragon has a pentacle-coin dandling from one of his claws. there is a castle in the far distance.
the general color of the card is a vibrant green with hints of golden - making me think of money. there is only one corner that is purple.. [royalty?]

the image makes me think that the financial security is not necessarily self earned, or at least not entirely. it comes from a strong supporter. he too might have something to gain to help out. this particular image makes me think of a 'sugaring' relationship. [please do your own research on this subject if you're not familiar with it.]

the dragon hoarded a fortune and is maybe too old, or tired to enjoy it all by himself. sharing it with the young woman he can be sure it will be put to a good use - the fruit she carries has a pit as well, that can grow into a tree. but she needs some help, even financial help to make this happen. the dragon might get enough just from seeing the woman using the resources she receives for something good.

her belly seems rounded - sign of pregnancy. she might be full of ideas that need proper care and resources to grow and materialize.

i think the Rider-Waite card is well interpreted here.