Sharing my Faerie Guide!!



Your talent is amazing. I can't get over how much your card completely melds with the entire deck...if I hadn't known it was done by you, I would've just assumed it was a new painting by Froud. Thank you for sharing him with us!

Ruby Red Slippers


Koree Kobee is fabulous......AND, YOU are so talented! Do you think he would come and play at my house sometime? I think my little poodle would love to play! She sees spirits and plays....wags her tail and barks.....

Thank you so much for sharing!



Chronata -

Your card is amazing! You would never know it wasn't part of the deck.. it reminds me so much of Froud's artwork.. ! You are such a talent :eek:)

Thanks for sharing! This is an inspiration.. I hope someday I can meet my own guide :eek:)


Lord, I wish drawing were among my talents! I love how you've incorporated Froud's style without abandoning your own! I've never seen your work before, but there is something very distinct about your lovely guide... I'd know that Fae anywhere, I think!
Beautiful work.


This is a Fabulous Fae!!! :D

Your artistic skills are amazing, I was especially impressed with how you blended the background of your card to match the backgrounds Froud uses.

Fabulous indeed ... All hail the Yakmuse!

(And he's even crouching ... that's great!)

(Maybe someday I'll do my Guide card....)

Shadow Wolf

Thank your for sharing your fairy guide with us !!

My Fairy Guide card is still blank as well, due to MY serious lack of
artistic talent. I haven't met him/her yet.

But I'm sure having fun with the others !!!!


i love it! i think it is amazing, mine remains blank as does many things with me and the Fae. but i think thats is an amazing and special thing you've found!