Sharing My Personal Faerie Cards with all of You...


I just realized that I have only been working with the FO for about three weeks now, but it seems like they have been here forever.

Well, to be fair, they HAVE been here forever...I just didn't get a chance to relate to them in such a wonderful way before!

I have talked with them through Froud's other illustrations, and drew some of them myself (they love to pose for me!) but the FO is a great and very personal way to have a dialogue, since I have been using cards for a long time, and talking to fae even longer...I just never realized what a great idea it would be to put the two together!

Anyhow...I also realized that in all this time I never posted my favorite, least fav, or Universal cards.

So I will post a few thoughts now...although these are not quite the same thoughts I had written down when I started the book exercises, they have become the ones that make sense to me.

My favorite card...The Rarr
Why did I choose the Rarr among all the other beautiful Fae? (I admit it was a close race with Nels The Alchemist) I think because it looked so familiar to me!
( I think I met the Rarr once as a blue light in a friends apartment, and once as a will-o-the-wisp that directed me through a swamp to a portatoilet in the middle of a campground at night!)

There was something both calming and enthusiastic about the Rarr that just appealed to me so much!
What is very funny, is that I misread the name on the card, and actually thought it said "The Razz"...which I have since learned is the sound it loves to make when it is being difficult or unhappy! (and it shares the Bewildered Weasel Sound...but that's another story!)
The Rarr makes me happy just by being around...and I can't help but get fired up about accomplishing stuff, although usually it's the stuff that is not on my To Do list...but brand new exciting stuff! that takes me way from my current obligations, and allows me to procrastinate, by starting and finishing something new, and different!
Sometimes, the Rarr floats serenly,(like the large floaty jellys at the tank in the Zoo) and feeds on all my stressy stuff, so it doesn't make me ill or depressed. And then it fills me up with new energy and tires me out by staying up with me all night, watching me do things like type lots and lots of words in the computer!
The Rarr is something I really needed in my life, as I have a chronic fatigue thing that seems to get worse as the cold snaps of winter approach.

Least Favorite card...The Bodacious Bodach
I am not even sure I spelled his name right. but he doesn't seem to mind that I just call him "The Bode"
Actually, I think he really likes the nickname.
I don't dislike him as much as I am just generally annoyed and frustrated with him. He seems to be ALWAYS there, when I just want to be alone or work out things for myself. His grin is infuriating, and his gleefull cheeriness, I swear he puts on just to annoy me!
On those days when I am mad, or sad or angry,or especially frustrated and I don't feel like talking to anyone, or trying to continue to find a solution in the big mess that is in front of me, he sits on my husband's shoulder and whispers stuff to him.
And then my husband, and the Bode, try and offer me a million and three solutions, when the last thing I want is for anyone to try and help. But that's what he is around I am working on finding a way to deal with both him (and my husband) and to assure them both, that sometimes I really didn't ask for any help, and that I will get along fine without them making things worse!

Universal card...The Faery Who Was Kissed by the Pixies
This card is filled with such absolute unquestionable delight!
It just bubbles with love and joy and optimism...and you can see it on every face! I like to think that Love is the greatest thing that can be...and I also like to think that I love unconditionally.
I am comming to find that even people who I once despised, have become the truest teachers in my life, and for that I can not help but Love them too. I don't have much to say about this card...other than it makes me smile and giggle each and every time it comes up in a reading!

So that's my random and probably incoherant ramblings about my Fae. I would love to hear other's thoughts about these particular cards, as they have become my own personal guardians and cheerleaders of late!


Oh I love it...

That is awesome, and thank you for sharing. It's so wonderful to hear of others favorite and least favorite and universal cards. Very informing and so unique. Here's a few extra thoughts on the cards you picked, and how they relate in my life.

The Rarr ~ He's never told me a noise that he makes, but I could see him making a Razz sound, very interesting. To me he's always reminded me of the Golden snitch in Harry Potter, and I giggle every time I see him thinking of this. I don't think he minds, and he simply smiles with me (although sometimes I think that smile is out of annoyance, but he never says as much, he's way too busy ya know). In any case, when he shows up in readings, my interpretation is that the person is on the go, they have an incredible amount of ambition and motivation to accomplish something, usually this is a new idea, or a brand new project they are working on. I usually have to remind the querent to be careful of such raw powerful ambitious energy, for one of two things are likely to happen. Either you will run out of energy before you complete your task, or you will over shoot the task at hand. Reserve some of that energy and use it when you need to. Also, don't forget about your responisbilities, it's easy to go flying off with the Rarr, with that incredible powerful creative energy, but make sure you pay attention to your responsibilities as well.

The Bodacious Bodach ~ "Well Well Well, what do we have here, my my my what an incredible mess, you humans don't have a clue in what you are doing" With that in mind, the Bodach rolls up his sleeves and gets to work, cleaning up the messes we leave behind, only the Bodach cleans them up "faery style". This is when you find your coffee mug underneath the bathroom sink, or misplaced items in any case. The Bodach has been at work to attempt to clean the messes or clutter that we leave behind. However, this clutter may be associated with mental clutter, or social clutter as well. If we make a mess out of our "friendships" and don't attempt to "straighten it out", then strange strange things happen. All the sudden you are made out to be something horrid that you'd never dream this person would think of you in such a way, but they are calling you this to your face. This is Bodach's way of saying "enough, if you don't want to be friends, then I'll end the friendship for you, here", and has the person call you with tons of nasty names. Oh yes, the Bodacious Bodach is one little mischievious faery, always looking for a mess to clean up, as he enjoys his job throughly. We can learn from him though, basically, his message is simple "either clean up your mess, or I'll clean it up for you, and you won't like it if I clean it up faery style". He has a hard job, and a very busy one, never any time for games or play, so he finds his own way to "play" in his job, that is his mischievious side. All in all, he's not a "bad" faery, just mischievious and doing his job.

Faery who was kissed by the Pixies ~ ya know, if I was kissed by such cute pixies, I think I would wear that same smile on my lips, and what about that cute adorable faery face at the top of the card (kinda like a cuddly bearish lion face). This is just an all out feel good card. I think the Universe is trying to tell you, enjoy your life, and enjoy the time you are able to spend with your family and friends. You have a really good life, and you are blessed, remember that. Smile more often, play like a child, remember the times when you too played with faeries as a child. The Fae don't understand our responsibilities, but they do respect them (for the most part), but they are also there to add to our lives, in a joyous way. NO matter how bad your worst faerie is, it is still a faery to learn from none the less. Smile, play, laugh, enjoy yourself. Right now isn't a time to be boggled down by problems, bills, torn friendships, or relationship problems. Just realize the good things and smile at the blessings of the good things! (ok, now I'm rambling).

What a wonderful reading though, I love it. I look forward to hearing more of your faerie tales.


Yes Yes!
Thank you for your fabulous insight, Sagitarian!
Now I can't help but think of the Golden Snitch each time the Rarr comes around!
(It's here right now, as I type, convincing me that I need to write about it, rather than do all the projects I just started that the smell of my glue gun burning...something?)

The Rarr makes me think about how I often tell people that I suffer from Excess Creativity...and if I am not working on 20 completely different projects at the same time, then I will explode on a shower of pretty Technicolor sparks!

Now, I discovered something very interesting, as I (finally ) read all the other posts about the favorite and least favorite cards, when this study group first came about.
Butterfly gave her first impressions of the Rarr, as her least favorite, and it reminded her of someone who is closed, doesn't want to ask for help, shut away from the world...and I couldn't help but think that that's exactly how I sound when i speak about the Bodacious Bodach!

I guess I should try and get "the Bode "and the Rarr in the same place together, so we can all chat...but both of them are so darn quick! And neither will sit still for very long...(this is when the Rarr reminds me most of my 3 year old Nephew, Tyler....or that T-shirt that says..."they say I have ADD, but they just don't unders...Oh look! a chicken!")

I think I bristle most at the Bode...because he reminds me so much of my Mother...always offering advice and helping when I don't ask...and then making me feel guilty when I don't want or need any of the help or advice given! And ...that just because I rant...doesn't mean I want someone else to take care of my frustrations and problems...and do everything for me!
Oh well.
That's why they are help me look at all the parts of myself that I need to work on!


The Fae are so unique ....

For me, the Rarr is a reminder that sometimes we need to fly "upside-down and backwards" in order to truly get ahead. I usually feel like I need to up-end my outlook on something when Rarr shows up - radically change my point of view and reconsider.

Razzzzzzzzzzzzz ....... :D I'll remember that. I like that.

(Like razzzzzzzberries ... the Rarr goes around making fun of you. :p)

But I love the Bodach. See, I still have this 80s lingo in me, and in my parlance, "bodacious" was a GOOD thing (am I the only one who remembers the saying "bodacious ta-ta's?")

The Bodach comes leaping around, causing mischief. His crouch reminds me of his poised nature, ready to spring up, show up, at any time ... probably when you least expect.


looking at the bodach's card, he kinda makes me think of a school boy. sneaky and cheeky.
he looks like he's hiding and spying on people, like a little boy would spy on little girls. i don't necessarily see this as a bad thing, he speaks to me more of curiosty, he is intrigued by a world that isn't his own.
however i also think that there is sumthing to be cautious of here, like little faery tricks. he has that trickster vibe about him, he's ready and waiting to jump out and scare the next passer by.

the rarr. now i can't say that i am familiar with this fae, i have never had him in a reading, and for a while actually forgot that he existed. i'm not so sure what he means to me, still one to work on. hmmmmmm......


Wisp Wings

Chronata said:
The Rarr makes me happy just by being around...and I can't help but get fired up ........

And then it fills me up with new energy and tires me out by staying up with me all night.....

I can't agree more with this! I quoted this, but did take it in snippets.

I feel that most people having known him and his energy do love him, even as I have known him for years.

I have learnt some from him and Geeeeeoo the Slow and when we need to have one to come in at the time the other is too prevalent. Rarr is always present when we cannot seem to shut down the mind, the times it is going ninety to nothing! He is an Insomniac's constant companion. We have spent many nights together and I also can relate to the "Excess Creativity", even in the wee sleepless hours.

I still have my need to sleep times of excessive Rarrrrrrrr, but I had learnt and still am learning more of why the times of sleeplessness. I am not talking of times when you try to sleep and then you all of a sudden can't sleep due to worry like over money, bills, health, etc. I see that as being Bode and Rarr working together and it isn't too pretty!

I am speaking of just the anything and everything that wanders in your mind at the time you should be sound asleep and your is clicking as loud as an old time wind-up watch, click, click, click, click, click, click... one thought and another and continuous and ohh when it hits on a creative tangent!

I have figured out for me that Rarr (RAW ENERGY), when being my nightly companion is when I have been so into Rarr in my day with too much of the routine, the responsibilities of all I want to get done in my hours, that I haven't slowed and had some true MY TIME. Just the time to allow whatever my mind wants to go to and to contemplate on or to be creative on. My mind WILL DEMAND to be heard one way or the other. So I work to give myself this self time. I am not talking structured mediative time, as that is seen as yet another "must get worked in time" ,although this does help too. But just sometime within the day or early night to stop with all the things that we so fill up our lives with and to give ourselves this freedom time to daydream and let the mind go off however on its own it wishes to go. No TV, no book reading, a cup of tea and your thoughts is fine.

Then the times when and if that Rarr comes when sleep is needed, ask for him to reschedule and come back after 8 hours LOL, and that you've invited Geeeeeoo the Slow to come visit with you. Even if he stays on awhile the two energies meld and will be at a more even pace. :)


I wanted to respond to this because of the coincidences. The Bodacious Bodach (when I first saw the card, I read it as "The Bodacious Bada$$") was my choice for least appealing card. My impressions were of sneakiness; gossip and slander; malice. There were two other cards that made me uncomfortable, but at least those characters had the guts to look you in the face. The BB is looking away, but his body, his posture, his claws dug into the ground, all look ready to pounce right at you. I concluded he was looking away to make sure your guardian wasn't watching. Obviously, as a shadow, this all made me a little uncomfortable, but it's true, I've been working on my knee-jerk angry reactions lately.

My most appealing card was the Maiden, who for me symbolizes innocence, happiness, sweetness, the opposite end of the spectrum from my interpretation of the BB (who I will forevermore think of as "Bada$$").

My "guide card" (I guess is what you call it) was the Rarr. I get a very tranquil feeling from him. He's like a jellyfish floating in space. He's serene, desireless, cool and translucent. I love the Rarr.

By the way, I just got this deck three hours ago, and I am completely infatuated with it! Notice I didn't say "in love."




ncefafn said:
By the way, I just got this deck three hours ago, and I am completely infatuated with it! Notice I didn't say "in love."

What about today? :p


I've got a workman over right now, installing a new lighting fixture, so I'm waiting impatiently until he's done before I bring them out. Oh, the pain! It's been almost 24 hours!



Oh Kim...that is so fun!

The Bada$$ Bode!

he STILL hangs around me constantly (as does my Rarr...)

He rather likes being called the bada$$! Now he's got even more attitudage...

Somehow...I'm not surprised... :)