Shenzhen Sale on HQ Printing Aug 26-Sep 26 2016

Naomi Ningishzidda

Shenzhen Wanjiang Printing Co. Ltd printed the Victorian Romance Tarot and The Mutational Alchemy Tarot. They are having a sale on Aug 26 to Sep 26 for anyone looking for a good deal on very high quality tarot stock and sent me an email this morning. I'm sure that they also have lower quality card stock for more flexible and less expensive decks as well. Keep in mind shipping (UPS) is a beast 1K or more by air in some cases. Sea shipping is more complex. I've included all of her contact info here for those scouting for a printer.


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Hi Izi,

My friend, this is Fanny, how are you?

Long time no contact.

My friend, we soon will have a promotional activity on August 26 to September 26.
If you have interest in, just feel free to contact me.

Best Wishes


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