Should I Contact Them? Tarot Spread



1. What would the individual think if I contacted him/her?
2. Why would he/she think this?
3. How would the individual feel if I contacted him/her?
4. Why would the individual feel this way?
5. What kind of response from them would I get?
6. What do I need to know if I choose to contact him/her?
7. How would thing between us proceed if I contacted him/her?



I just did this spread for myself and I have to say it was really informative and I liked all of the card positions. I don't usually use reversals (because I'm newer at reading) but the first two cards were Majors and reversed so I paid attention and it did have a very interesting message.

Nice work, Hispet! I'll be saving this one.


Looks good Hispet. I´ll add this to our Tarot Spreads Index so it won´t get lost and in case others want to try, too.


Thank you Hemera :)