Sibylline's Why'd You Do It Spread


I came up with an 8 card spread yesterday and decided to throw this out into the forum for anyone who likes to try it and/or improve it. It's a spread designed to answer the question: Why did you do that?!

It's for those moments when someone does something to you and you'd like to understand why he/she did it. I gave it a few test drives, and it wound up answering questions that have lingered in my mind for a really long time. It seems to work well for relationships of all kinds: romantic, family, workplace issues, etc.


1. The person in question
2.What that person's motivations were doing what he/she did
3.What that person did. More than likely, it will portray the actual event or action.

4. What the person thought the outcome would be
5. What the actual outcome was

6. Advice for you on how to handle the situation/person now the event has occurred
7. Future outcome if you take the advice in the previous card
8. Future outcome for the other person if you take the advice in #6

Hope this helps folks out there!



I've had a weird couple of days, and needed help to interpret the motivations behind a person's weird behavior. Came to the spreads subforum, and this was on the first page.
This spread was perfect! Covered all the important angles, and gave me some important information to consider.
Thank you for creating and posting this spread!


Omg, Sashie, thank you so much! It's the first spread I've posted on Aeclectic in all the years I've been here. I'm so happy that it worked for you :)