Sickly Tarot (unfinished)


I love that 10 of Legs card :).

Didn't know what a tesseract was until I just googled it.... Fascinating.


Any word on this one? Is it ever going to be finished/issued??


These are so weird and so interesting at the same time. Nice to see something different.


Throwing my "Yes! Yes! Yes!" into the ring. Lovely! All those angles...


I like this deck too, but I wish those borders didn't take up so much space. The picture winds up being a tiny little postage stamp sized thing in the middle of the card. Still, it's definitely got the coolness factor going for it.

Susanne Röttges

very interesting looking like cards good idea for the outfits i like them


So what's the deal already?? Is it ever going to get published??
Inquiring minds... (attached to salivating wanters)


Blurgh! I sometimes wonder if I fit into this tarot world. So many decks that everyone seems to like I find I'm either squinting at it trying to see something lovely, or desperately hitting the 'X' on the browser page before the images embed themselves and pop up in my nightmares. This one was a squinter. :)