Sickly Tarot (unfinished)


For those that don't do instagram, here is a post from the Sickly Tarot:

"It’s July and some very exciting things are going to be happening:
14 cards of the Sickly Tarot were completed in July over the years and we will be celebrating all of their anniversaries, starting with The Lovers on July 6th! Stay tuned for Flash Sales with one-off printings of these cards - mark your calendars, just like I did!

Also working on the german translation for the site which is quite task but full of Vergnügen as it is a great learning experience.

Many of the details for the Kickstarter campaign have been pinned down as well. Now, I am not going to say this only once, but I will be doing a campaign only once, so I need you to help make it happen: spread the word, show your friends, spam your uncles. Teach yourself how to play tarocchi and how to shuffle 2 extra suits. Mark your calendars again for September 30th: The Sickly Tarot turns 10 (!!!) and it will be the end of the campaign and hopefully the beginning of a very exciting new chapter.
oh and did I mention buttons?"