Hi all,

a few days ago, I wanted to link reviews of the deck to a mail, and I noticed the Fey went from 5 stars to 4 and 1/2 stars.




I think those stars are Solandia's own opinion. It is not a 'group opinion', nor is there voting. Maybe drop her a line, if you like.

Still merits 5 stars in my opinion.



No, no problem ^_^

It is just that I hadn't anything smart to say :))
Actually regarding the Star system I think it's useful to give a "at a glance" impression, but in the end Tarot is personal.



Not to worry

For most of us the Fey is a FIVE and then some. Not to worry. We all love it. Dave

Little Baron

I have never owned this deck but I have considered so on many occasions. And the reason for that is the general reputation that it has. I never looked at the stars or many reviews. But I checked out the cards online, which are very nice and unusually deep, and I respect the many opinions here that say it is a good deck. So I wouldn't worry too much. It is not for me at this point of my journey [not to say it won't be one day], but it is and has been a big part of many other's journeys and that seems pretty well documented.





After several years this deck still merits 5 stars in my opinion, and is a deck I not only own, but have given as a gift to very happy recipients of it. It is not only a fantastic Tarot deck, but lends itself to a lot of creative exploration (i.e. short story writting). The Fey is one of those decks that I can recommend without batting an eye, and I am ever grateful to you and Mara for it.


A Perfect 10

This is the "best" deck in my collection. It is actually hard to say which is better than another, but coming from the stand point of personal use, the fey seem to end up in my hands more often than my other favorites. I attribute this to the fact that I really like the deck alot and that it really speaks to me in many ways; from the artists imagery to intuitive impressions and of course the defined meaning and symbology.


Lunalafey, you are back!

Luna, you are back, for good I hope. We've missed you. Give us an update, please, Dave

Sorry, RiccardoLS, I didn't want to ignore you or the comments on this fantastic tarot deck but Lunalafey has been absent for quite some time and she was one of the early fanatics that got us all into the Fey Fan Club. Dave


best ever

The Fey Tarot is the best deck ever, in my opinion. I have lots in my collection, but the Fey are amazing gift to the tarot world. BB, Michael



one of, if not the best tarot deck in years!