Sign Up for June Faerie Seekers


Hey everyone.

Sorry, I am posting this a bit later than usual. I'll give everyone until June 3rd to make up for it.

This Circle uses the Brian Froud decks: The Faeries' Oracle and the Heart of Faerie Oracle.

The proposed spread for the month is just that, a proposal. Feel free to discuss with your partner and use another spread.

Please keep your partner informed of how things are going, especially if you may be delayed. Good feedback is expected, part of the joy is really getting into the cards.

Please have your reading finished, as much as you can, by the 20th to give your partner a few days to consider and post feedback.

Sleeping Sun by Eowyn

1: For dreams I hold my life. Current dreams that occupy the day time, that you ponder in mind and heart, that are perceived as long term goals.

2: For wishes I behold my night. Current desires, intimacy aspects, sudden interests and passion.

3: Sleeping Sun. Base card of the deck or shadow card. How are you standing right now in relation to your dreams, desires and wishes.


Saved for Partners

Partners will be posted will sign-ups :D

Auracana/Blue Dragon


Grip Dellabonte/DragonFae

Oak Woman/Stargazer

Have a great time!!!!

strings of life

I would love to participate! This will be my first FSC :).

faerylvr are added...both of you :D


I'll join in for June

Grip Dellabonte

Thanks, faeryluvr. Back in the fray, says I.... :)


WhooHoo!!!! Welcome.


Me please :)