Sign-up thread: Faery Seekers Reading Circle ~ March 2010


Hi Faery Seekers!

Time for a new round, using the Froud Faeries' Oracle OR the new Heart of Faerie Oracle, or, both together!

As always:

- the round runs a calendar month but please allow a few days for your partner to consider feedback so don't post your reading the last day!
- keep in touch, stuff happens and don't leave your partner hanging. I hate sad faces in faery land.
- this Circle uses the two Froud decks, but please consult if you use the new deck and post scans if your partner does not. If you can't, ask me, I have the new deck and can add scans for you.

Proposed spreads for the month:
First, a longer spread for members confident with the Faeries:


1. Where moderation/balance is needed.
2. What will offer relief or sanctuary.
3. An annoying distraction.
4. A rising opportunity.
5. What will energize you.

Second, a shorter spread for those wanting to get started:

Eowyn's Stroke of good luck spread:

1.- Which is going to be your next stroke of luck?
2.- How will it happen?
3.- A caution around this.

:heart: Alta


Reserved for sign-ups and partners.

Alta: reading done; feedback given
stargazer: reading done; feedback given.
moderndayruth: reading done; has received no reading to give feedback.
faerylvr: Reading is done; feedback given.
faunabay: reading done ; feedback given.
magenta: no reading done; no feedback given to reading.
Chronata: reading done; feedback given.
Tsukiyono: reading done; feedback given.
DragonFae: reading done; no feedback given to reading.
innan_tarot: reading done; no feedback given to reading.

Group 1
Chronata reads for faerylvr
faerylvr reads for stargazer
stargazer reads for Chronata

Group 2
moderndayruth reads for Tsukiyono
Tsukiyono reads for magenta
magenta reads for moderndayruth

Group 3
Alta reads for inanna_tarot
inanna_tarot reads for faunabay
faunabay reads for DragonFae
DragonFae reads for Alta


Count me in please, and thanks for the heads up. :)


stargazer said:
Count me in please, and thanks for the heads up. :)
Oh, yes, me too though i haven't completed yet the February reading! :D


Great! Glad to see two happy members so quickly!

:) Alta


I'm in...thanks.


Put me in tentatively. I'll let you know, for sure before you pick partners.

I will be using the new deck. I'd love to see how they do in a spread.


Thanks faerylvr and faunabay!


I am in Alta! I will have my new Fraud deck soon!
can't wait to use it!



Alright, go ahead and put me in for sure. :)

I want to put a little note in for my partner though. I will be using the new Heart of Faerie and I'm not reading the book at all. :D I'm totally going by what they tell me. So it probably will have nothing what so ever to do with the book meanings! LOL

And because someone else I was partnered with before (sorry I truely can't remember who now) was.....not upset, but maybe disappointed....because I don't use reversals. So I'm stating both of these up front. :)