Sign-up thread for October Faerie Seekers Circle


I'm sorry; I'd intended to join in but must be realistic about my commitments and I think I'm going to throw my lot in with the new HoF group this month.

Very best wishes to all participants in this last FSC, and a big thank you to Alta for running it so beautifully for so long :)


It is definitely better to realistic about your available time!

Anyone else simply prefer to simply go to the new Heart of Faerie Circle?

I am fine with this. :)



Alta, Please count me in for this last one. I really enjoyed this and I think the Faeries did too. :)


My pleasure! You are added.

xx M


One little bump. I'll post partners tomorrow morning.

ETA: posting partners now.


Hi dear Seekers,

just a quick note that I have moved this month's reading threads to Oracle Circles, as this is the proper place for circle readings.

Have fun playing!