In my readings, I have never used a significator, but in preparing a tarot spell it asks to select one.
My question is- is the significator the card who represents your current situation, the situation you would like to happen or the card that you identify most with?


Hi Belinda,

in my opinion the Significator reperesents the current situation you are in - not the one you wished be!

Also, I always draw this card together with the rest of the spread and don t choose it, but that is really up to you I think and everybody does it in a different way!



I don't really do spells, so my thoughts concern readings - but I can't see that it should be that much of a difference.

I've always had this idea, that if I was to do a reading for someone else I would want them to pick out the significator for themselves. I have never been afraid that the "Querent's" energy would do any damage to my deck, I'm sure it will go away, when I shuffle/cleanse the deck afterwards.

And in that case, I wouldn't want to interfere with their choice at all, but just let them pick the one card in the deck that feels right at this moment. And whether that means a Majors-card, a situation card, I'll bet I'd be able to get a lot of information from that card. And while checking out the deck, the deck and the querent will "get acquainted", which I believe will make the reading more "valid" (I'm looking for another word here, but can't find it, I hope you'll know what I mean!).

Now I know this is very much the opposite of how many of the rest of you would even consider - "letting someone else touch your deck, what a though!" you may say.... :) Well maybe, these are my very theoretical thoughts here, since I haven't gone public with my readings yet. I can't sweare this is how I'd do it, but I do believe it would be interesting though, and it would shed a special light over the reading. Perhaps one could have a special deck for this purpose? A Significator-deck...?

So what does this have to do with your question, Butterfly? Well, I think it's more difficult if you do this for yourself, because you risk getting stuck in your own presumptions, and maybe you should go with the card that moste represents you as a person. But if the card is for someone else, then I think just pick the "right" one! (And if you _can_ detatch yourself - there's of course no reason to limit your own choice either).

Jenny :)

PS: These are my thoughts, I have no backing for this, no references to more experienced Tarot-ers, so maybe I'm just wrong. I know there will be people who will say the significator must be a person, because it stands for the Querent as a person. That may be so. OK - no more excuses now. Hope my thoughts were helpful! :D

Original Destiny

I don't use significators as by removing a card from the deck I feel that I am altering the dynamics of the Deck. It's down to personal choice :TFOOL


if i want a significator, i have 2 ways of choosing. one is randomly fanning the deck and choosing one. the other is more complicated.
pages are children under 13. knights up to 30. queens women over 30. kings men over 30. if you were born under a water sign, then i would choose the cups suit. air--swords, earth--pentacles, and fire--wands. you don't have to follow these guidelines strictly. if you have someone in their 40's reliving their adolescence then a knight would do. just do what your intuition suggests is the right thing to do.


I've read somewhere about the best method (IMO):
You choose a significator after what best represent you as a person, or your situation. Then you *put the card back into the deck*. Then, if this particular card turns up in the reading, you should pay special attention to it. This way, you don't have to remove a card, and you get the chance to see some of the most important things in your situation.




Who ever said the significator had to be a card? ;) I've always used a personal item, one that's carried with the person in question (in this case it would be the one the spell's for) instead. It's always worked just as well, if not actually better than choosing a card.


Hi cricket.
Sound like a good tip too. *s* However, I would stick to mine ;) because the interesting part is to see if the card decides to show up in the reading as well.



I think most of us, maybe subconsciencely, have picked a card aretwo that represents us and when we see it in a reading we think first that its us, we proably also have cards for spouses, children, and family. That to me is the significators, you may realize in certain spreads they represent something else, but often they fall into place.Like I often see myself as theHigh Priestess and Queen of Cups, I know my husband sees himself as the Moon and I see him as the King of Cups, oneof my daughters is the Page of Cups the other the Page of Wands :) :THP :TQC