Silk vs. Satin for Tarot Storage


I don't have a preference for type of fabric for bags or wraps.
I can offer a suggestion for inexpensive silk ... second hand thrift stores. Not just scarves, but I've found some shirts that were begging to be made over into bags and wraps.

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With cheap acrylic satin fabric, I fear that you would risk having that nasty sensation, I do have it myself, this type of fabric acumulates static electriciy, plus little fibers can get caught in your nail, very nasty sensation. I would stay away from acrylic, the cheapest but also the least attractive, not only can it give you this nasty nail sensation, but also it does not age well with time.

Actually, I'm pretty sure the satin that's in my sheets is on the cheaper side since they were like $20. I don't have the negative sensation; I honestly can't tell the difference between the silk (and yes I did confirm it was 100% silk) scarves I got and the satin sheets. I have some silk shirts that my ex had given me because they were from when they were younger, and around age 25 their shoulders and chest bulked out and thus they no longer fit. They fit me just fine though! :D

But that silk feels more like chiffon. Granted, it's also 20+ years old and very well worn vs. brand new so it could be that...? I admit I am not terribly knowledgeable about fabrics.

I have mostly been looking on Amazon because I have Prime (no shipping charges yay!) and because they often have sales or items from overseas that might take awhile to get here but are cheap. I sorta object to paying twice the price for the fabric for the Tarot deck than I paid for the Tarot deck itself, but I might be a cheapskate. :)

I'm hesitant to buy the fabric outright because it needs to be hemmed and I don't have a sewing machine. As for doing it by hand... um. Well. Er. The last time I tried to mend something I sewed myself to the item and didn't notice until someone I had to turn the item and realized... yeah. I am most definitely not a hearthwitch. LOL.

Do folks have suggestions for other sources for pre-made items that are in the under $20 range? I don't normally have any issue with buying secondhand but for some reason it makes me feel twitchy with a Tarot deck, even though at least one of my decks was snatched/"inherited" from someone else. (The deck insisted it was mine. My ex decided not to argue.) I'm not sure why it does but it does.

Thanks again, and I appreciate all the responses! I will admit to my eyes glazing over a bit at some of the fabric terms but, well, see above regarding my skills or lack thereof in regards to anything involving a needle. :)


About a third of my decks (wild guess) are second hand. They seem perfectly happy about it.

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There is this liquid thing you can buy and use on the edges so they don't fray.. I think it's called Fray Check. I haven't tried it myself but I've seen people use it in DIYs where they couldn't hem and needed to keep the edges clean, like scalloped hem on a skirt. Maybe that's worth a try.

edit: not sure if you're completely against making wraps/bags yourself even after reading your last comment, OP, but if you are you're free to ignore my idea as it's in that direction.


...I know other suggestions are linen, cotton, wooden boxes, velvet, but the fabrics are twitchy from my autism (think a sensory nails on chalkboard feeling) and the boxes are flat out way too expensive. The only commentary I've seen is that satin is not a natural fabric and therefore is unsuitable.

Is that the only reason? I use man-made fibreoptic cat's eye in working a lot; black in particular resonates very well, sometimes better than natural stones. I'm just curious what people think on the matter, and if there's any deeper reason than the fact that satin is man made. If so... well, a lot of my practice is based around will, belief, and intent, and I would hope that the intent of protecting the cards would be enough on its own, even if the material is not natural.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance. :)

You said it. your WILL, BELIEF And INTENT. So - it's all up to what yours is.
Ofcourse a lot of that may have a pre-requisite from whatever traditions you originally learned from which make up your "root" beliefs.

(I'll get around to posting an introduction in a bit. I'm still trying to figure out what I'm comfortable saying, because even for paganism, I'm on the side of "weird." :) )

LOL! We're a WILDLY mixed bunch. I very much doubt you are far out weirder than most. ;)


I'm on Team Cotton Bandanna, personally. Buy 'em for a dollar at most, toss them in the wash once or twice until they're delightfully soft, wrap your decks, tie some knots, and there you go. I toss mine in purses and I'm hard on my purses but cotton bandannas are TOUGH and if you do a good tight job on the knots, they protect cards very well.

The silk rule has always perplexed me--I'm more careful with my 100% silk clothes than I am with other clothes, so I just don't think of silk as a good rough and tumble option, and I like taking my decks places so rough and tumble is important. That said, I do have my TWU in a legit silk handkerchief I bought at a thrift store, but that's the only one.

I think it's best to pick a fabric that feels good to YOU. I have ADHD and sensory issues, and I cannot abide a fabric I don't like, though what I don't like might seem very arbitrary.


Reading back through this, it occurs to me that I only have one piece of silk - a tie which I bought to wear to a friend's funeral several years ago. It is a very nice tie and I have now worn it twice I think (the second time was an awards dinner when I got my 30-year pin from work). I love the feel of it ... against my smoother skin, such as the back of my hand. But much of the time my skin is dry and the silk constantly feels like it's catching against my fingertips.

This did prompt me to check to see just what "satin" is. I found this relatively brief article on Wikipedia to be very interesting;

I recently purchased the Tarot Illuminati which does not have a close-fitting box for the cards. I bought a lovely red velvet bag with gold bead-work on it. It goes beautifully with the deck. I've attached a photo.

[ETA;] I'm pretty certain it is a synthetic material. But it is pretty. :D


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I know this may sound very strange but I actually just store my Chronicles of Destiny cards in a stocking, the black opaque type that you wear to work on a cold day, it works just fine so I think I can do the same for my new decks. They are compact and helps protect the cards. And it's upcycling.


By pure chance, I have a gold silk pocket handkerchief I received as part of participating in a wedding, and I wrap my Anna K deck in it. I carry my mid-sized Thoth in a microfiber sunglasses case that fits it perfectly and has a drawstring closure. Usually, though, I just keep decks in their original box until it falls apart. But if it's a choice between silk and satin, it would be silk for me.


By pure chance, I have a gold silk pocket handkerchief I received as part of participating in a wedding, and I wrap my Anna K deck in it. I carry my mid-sized Thoth in a microfiber sunglasses case that fits it perfectly and has a drawstring closure. Usually, though, I just keep decks in their original box until it falls apart. But if it's a choice between silk and satin, it would be silk for me.

It's always nice to upcycle :) besides, it gives an added value to the item, the memory of its first use. My Tapernoux golden Rider is wrapped in a sild scarve that used to belong to my mother, and each time I unwrap it, and use the scarve as a reading cloth, I have a little sensation of joy and nostalgy attached to my mother.
And you are right, good tarot cases or pouches are to be found everywhere : glasse cases, upcycled tins.... somewhere on the forum I read of someone using a nice pouch from a whiskey bottle.. was it you Barleywine ?