Silk vs. Satin for Tarot Storage


It looks very good with the ribbon. I take it that is your Anna K hidden inside the hanky then !

Is the handkerchief large enough to use as a reading cloth ?

This one isn't, for something like the Celtic Cross. It would be OK for up to a 5-card line.

And yes, that's my Anna K.


I prefer silk to satin, altho I do plan to one day use high-quality piña jusi. It is a diaphanous, delicate, and exquisite indigenous fabric made of pineapple fiber. So expensive, yet so worth it.

Wow, that's the first time I've heard of that fiber. And the picture looks lovely. Thank you for the information!


So, I don't want to resurrect old topics but this is something I've googled around and can't find a good answer for. I found some real silk neckerchiefs that were the perfect size and solid colors, which is my preference. Unfortunately, they were recalled because apparently they did not meet standard requirements and were flammable. (Note to self: Keep away from the burning incense.)

There are some that are cheap but are all patterned, and I've seen only one or two that I like. I know myself, and I'm eventually gonna run out of the silk I have. The only thing I can find that is realistically within my price range (I'm a poor witch) is satin.

I know other suggestions are linen, cotton, wooden boxes, velvet, but the fabrics are twitchy from my autism (think a sensory nails on chalkboard feeling) and the boxes are flat out way too expensive. The only commentary I've seen is that satin is not a natural fabric and therefore is unsuitable.

Is that the only reason? I use man-made fibreoptic cat's eye in working a lot; black in particular resonates very well, sometimes better than natural stones. I'm just curious what people think on the matter, and if there's any deeper reason than the fact that satin is man made. If so... well, a lot of my practice is based around will, belief, and intent, and I would hope that the intent of protecting the cards would be enough on its own, even if the material is not natural.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance. :)

(I'll get around to posting an introduction in a bit. I'm still trying to figure out what I'm comfortable saying, because even for paganism, I'm on the side of "weird." :) )

Imo, it really makes no difference at all what you store your decks in. As long as it feels reverent to you in the sense that you don't feel you are disrespecting your decks by storing them in it.

It's all in your mind really. If you are happy where they are, the decks will read well for you. If how you are storing them makes you uncomforable, then that can affect readings negatively.

But that's up to you. Just don't do anyting that makes you feel uncomfortabel of guilty to you decks and all goes well. :grin:



I don't wrap my cards. I only volunteered Dharma Trading because it's a very good price for silk satin; which was mentioned earlier. I don't have many decks so they stay in their boxes. When I'm out and about I carry a mini deck in a plastic box (definitely not natural fiber). The size of the deck, coupled with the fact that I don't use the Celtic Cross, means I can use a paper napkin as a reading cloth if need be. I LOVE how Barleywine wraps his though!


Wow, that's the first time I've heard of that fiber. And the picture looks lovely. Thank you for the information!

You're welcome, Morwenna! 100% piña cloth is so difficult to embroider on (and is considered highly premium) that the infusion of genuine silk in the fabric only makes it substandard. In the 19th century they were considered worthy gifts for European nobility, with one or two ounces of gold being given for a small, elaborately embroidered handkerchief. It's just something that has to be seen and felt to be believed.