Six of Swords

Dee 04

Ok, I need some help with another card.

I have been using the Robin Wood deck primarily for readings. The 6 of Swords has made my head spin since the beginning!

I often get "leaving a difficult/painful situation and coming into a more positive/hopeful state." But sometimes i get NOTHING. Please help....



I use the Thoth deck and I really like this "suggested divinatory eludication" from the little book that comes with a version of the deck.

"Difficulties are overcome by the development of new and uncommon ideas; in a certain way this can be compared to a kind of 'brainstorming', where solutions are found by creative and even spontaneous thinking, leading to new shores."

Swords deal with thought so I think this card tells us to think outside the box and see where it leads you.

Hope this helps,


Hi Dee,
I use the Original Rider Waite and the book I use is the 'Way of Tarot'.

Six of Swords can mean thinking up new ideas, withdrawal or retreat to deal with a problem. Getting yourself organised, brainstorming, thinking through solutions to problems or even moving towards a more positive attitude.
Hope this helps :)