Snuffin on Levi's Baphomet


Since Levi's Baphomet was arguably influential in Waite's Devil, thought I'd post this here. In Snuffin's article (link below), he mentions Waite, saying he makes Baphomet into the Christian Devil, which is a gross oversimplification if not simply wrong.

Waite's Devil is also closely tied to the astral region, which he viewed as inferior to the realm of the Divine. This may be where Snuffin gets the idea that Waite "demonized" Baphomet. But if you read Levi's description of Baphomet (The Sabbatic Goat) at the beginning of Transcendental Magic, it can be seen that he viewed the torch, towering above all, as "divine revelation." The symbolism of Baphomet seems to suggest that Levi himself saw divine revelation in a superior place to that of the astral light.

Waite never once mentions anything about Christianity in his Pictorial Key description.

This aside, it's a very informative article overall. :)