so you want to be a medium?, a down to earth guide, book review.


this book is written by rose vanden eynden

curious I wrote to her sometime after I read the book but before this suggesting a book on tarot and mediumship, she said it was a good idea. and that was the extent of our communication.

contents is

part 1. starting from scratch
defing terms 5.
modern spiritualism 9
natural law 15

part two preparation of the mind and body
I want to be a medium when I grow up 31
the five senses 35
discernment 39
physical vs spiritual awareness 43
auras and chakras 47
breathing 57
meditation 59

part 3 whos who in the spirit world

joy guides 79
protector guides 83
doctors teachers 91
doctor chemsits 95
master guides 103
ascended masters 111
angels 115
outer band guides 117
sorting it all out 121
guides of a different nature 127

part 4 digging in

roll call 135
focus 139
symbolism 145
dreams and dream workd 163
other excerises and tasks 173
the games spirit people play 179
questions? I got questions 185
putting it all together
reach out, touch spirit 195

part 5 readings and sittings

a few words about divination tools 203
the victim 207
introductions 211
the messages 217
look who's talking 221
the don't list 225
some tips about evidence 229
broaching the subjects of death 233
ending a reading 235

conclusion where to go form here 239
appendix the principles of spiritualism 243
appendix spiritualist organizations in the united states 245

I will speak of what interests me in the book

the first thing is she started out being a tarot reader and only later did she branch out into wicca and other spiritual things.
I guess that resonates with me,, I read channelling books sure,, but I always blocked off mediumship out of fear of seeing ghosts so reading about how she progressed encouraged me to open up more to the idea (well one of the things ).

with her book she talks about the chakras, and medition ..
and the thing that suprised me the most was how part focused on all the guides and interacting with them. At best it thought it would be control guide or personal spirit guide to help talk to the spirits.
So i was pleasantly surpised. (and where it comes the ascended masters section even mentioned for information read doreen virtue book on ascended masters which at the time showed we read some of the same books).
But it isn't until part where she starts talking about gate keeping guide and the difference between that guide and the other guides. (also at this point because you were supposed to work with all the guides type,, you should of a preference or affinity for a particular type. For me it is being of light and scended masters, but to be truthful i didn't go through all the guides like the chemist.).

Where it comes to symbolism, you do a little study with them looking up universal meanings, but also with keeping journal start developing your own personal meaning.

In the other excerises and tasks you work once again with one guide like joy or the doctor.

So to sum it up by the time in the book you ideally get to the victim , you have worked with the guides, mediated,, worked on your chakras daily , did some fun card games all in preparatin of the reading you will undertake becoming a medium.
And that is what looks who talking is about,, how to connect with the spirit,, meanwhile tips about evidence is to fine tune it. The don't list is about not to do it while drunk, or while the client is drunk etc.
There is even a spiritual evaluation form for after you are done your first reading. (and i guess other readings to follow ). though i suppose it should be calleds sitting as you arent' doing a psychic reading , you are communing with spirit. (yes I know the two over lap ).

and finally she advises if one wants to become a professiona to study mediumship as much as you can, look at the local spiritalist church, teachers, circles. Etc.

So while you can learn a lot from the book, it isnt' designed to make you into a professional reading doing readings you see on tv.. but it is a good steppingstone, especially if you want to study on your own at your own pace. Before taking up her advice to see a teacher, group support.


Very good post HOLMES very interesting, thanks for posting that! I'd second the bit about finding a Spiritualist church and sitting in circle there. You go along every week for free (or over here you pay about £2 for tea and cake after it) - and you get good readings, as well as learn to give them. And they have rules & standards, what you do and what you definitely don't do :)


I learned more from this book about connecting with guides than from any other book I ever read on the subject. I also get readings from Rose regularly, and she is very good at what she does--highly ethical, spiritual, and effective in connecting with departed loved ones, our guides, and Ascended Masters.

I highly recommend both the book and the author--thanks for the thread!


I've asked around other mediums and yes, they all say she is ok, she isn'ta nutcase and she isnt a money grabber. She sounds like a very sensible nice lady. Glad you found the book HOLMES :)