I have seen a lot of new discussion on Souls so I thought I would also bump this thread up ....

September Pixie

I just (and I literally mean JUST) and a rather... wonderful, enlightening experience with Solus..

For me.. he is action in making.. but loving, positive, and willing to listen.. in fact if there is anything I could describe him as.. is a listener.. he listens to the jumble and garbage in my life and helps me sort out what I need to change.. it never fails. :) He may not be able to tell me how to change it.. but rather that I should. The other cards around him usually indicate how & what to change.. There is much to love about Solus.

diane drizzy

I see Solus as a rather calming presence. Sort of like The Hermit in a Tarot deck. I think of his eyes as the lantern that hermit carries and the knowledge that he has. Although he appears young and handsome, I see him as wise and ageless.


He's on the cusp between the Singers and the Sidhe. Like he's bridging the gap. He's like a Singer becoming manifest, and he's bringing all that energy with him, and you can see it in his eyes, which go on for a blue million miles.

I trust him completely. The mischief's somewhere else when he's around.


dobro, I have a very very similar impression of Souls. He is definetly one of my favorite faeries in the deck. There is a lot of depth to him.


He was my daily card right after Lys of the shadows and is that just not perfectly fitting?

So, from my journal:
Golden sun, piercing blue eyes that will see right through every deception.

Honesty - sincerity - strength - compassion - wisdom
(Strength card - passion and I think Solus can help us with finding and directing our passion)

Taking shape, between a pure energy of a singer and a faerie with a form.

Living in the NOW!
(sit a while with the sun in your face and feel the moment - hear the moment and taste the moment)

One step further. Lys helped us out of the Darkness and Solus makes us see the light. This is about making it on our own, with our own personal power and perhaps be the shining light for someone else.


This is a card I have a lot of trouble with. I like the sound of his meaning so much and he often comes up in draws, but...he looks so exactly like my father, who is a very poorly controlled manic-depressive, draining to know as an adult and downright terrifying to me as a child( I actually realized recently that I irrationally gravitate towards dark-eyed people as more sympathetic and appealing because they seem the opposite of my dad with those burning pale eyes)...Not at all what Solus is supposed to suggest, I'm sure. Not sure why I picked just now to mention this, but then, it's often best to follow a hunch when you get one with these cards, so...Any advice?


Furnacechant said:
Any advice?
I would recommend that you keep Souls as your companion for a week and "talk" to him and get to know him. Share with him the fears that he reminds you of, and ask him for strength and guidance in working thorugh your feelings towards your father. I think you will find him to be quite compassionate.


Solus was a difficult card for me at first, he was actually my least favorite. I worked with him quite a bit and got over my issues (mostly). I still get a little tense when he shows up.

Anyway, I was thinking about his eyes and how they don't seem icy to me. I don't feel the fire/ice thing that everyone speaks of, he feels warm to hothothot, depending on the day.

I think it is because I associate that blue with a gaslight flame, so I see Solus as a fae that I can only get so close to and no further or I will burn.

So I see Solus as symbolising keeping a "healthy" distance in relationships, not too close but not too far away. That distance varies with the relationship, some people you can safely get quite close to, others require larger distances.

(by the way, whomever sent me the healing energy... Thank you.)


Though I do see the fire/ice thing with Souls it is more of a penetrating gaze than anything. I feel like he can see right through me. I have always loved this fae. But I can definetly see your point as well. I love these discussions.