(Some Ideas/A Question On) Pre-Orders


How do pre-orders work? I mean, from the background side of things? Do you get the services of a third-party site to manage pre-orders for your deck, and post the link to your website? Or something to that effect?

I was just thinking that, in a way, they could be made to work like small crowdfunding systems.

The printing costs per deck gets lower the more number of decks you put in a single print order. So, what if if you were to launch pre-orders for your deck, and, instead of having a release date as a target, you set X number of orders (say 50) as your pre-order target? Will that work?

i mean, I think it's a win-win situation: printing costs go down, buyers get the deck at prices lower than they would have otherwise gotten had the deck been printed on demand, and the deck gets more orders in general.

So, can anyone share their actual experiences doing pre-orders?



I meant that doing pre orders might be an alternative to using crowdfunding sites such as kickstarter. I personally would like to try my hand at running a kickstarter campaign, but I can't because of my location, so I'm trying to explore alternative means of getting a deck funded.