Something Happened To My Book, Can you??

September Pixie

Someone proceeded to shut my book in a drawer and like half of the pages are torn and bent from the spine, does anyone know if you can replace JUST the book or will you have to replace the entire set?


I bet you could find a copy of the book used... I was in a used book store this past weekend and was amazed at how many Tarot-set books they had (without the cards, of course).

That's the best bet that I can think of right off the top of my head.... What a bummer on your book, Sept Pixie... :(

September Pixie

your telling me :( I was so heart broken as I am one of those snobby book people that freak when someone turns down a corner in their books or bend the covers back.. lol imagine my expression seeing that!!


I actually have an extra book. Would you like me to send it to you?
I have an extra set just for the spare deck, and really have no need for the extra book. So how about it? :D