Something pushed my hand away ... !


No never, not even close to a experience like that, as a matter of fact I have touched many things that I should have not... and wish something had pushed me away ;)

I bet we could all relate to that experience : )


The closest I ever came to something like this is when something tried to stop me from taking a picture of an antique car at the local "living museum". Something, or someone, trying to make me drop my digital camera. This was shortly after I had left a nearby building, where I climbed a staircase to try to photograph a large piece of machinery and had a distinct "you don't belong up here" feeling. I assume the two events were related.


Not a push, but Holy Trinity Church in Stratford-upon-Avon did not welcome me at all. I have been there twice. First time with students on a trip from the US, I felt uncomfortable, but at that time I was not open to these feelings, so ignored it. The second time, I was with my mother, who doesn't seem to realise it and would reject the terminology, but who I believe is actually a quite powerful witch (that's a whole separate issue). Anyway, I took two steps in the door and felt a dark oppression come over me, and turned and walked straight out. My mother wouldn't even go in. 'There's a bad spirit over that place,' was all she would say. And we stood outside and waited for the others with us to have a quick look and come out again.

I got the same weird feeling once in an occult shop in the US. Malevolent. I left quickly.