Somewhat drastic measures...when direct communication doesn't work!


I have discovered something about the Faeries that I think is very interesting.

Sometimes, it's very hard to communicate with them.

And often it is because they are not listening.

Some faeries put thier hands to thier ears and sing la la la...
And others are just talking SO much, that they aren't listening at all...and I can't get a word in edgewise!

The latter, is the problem I am currently having.
I feel as thpough it's time to appeal to the authorities...go over thier wings, in a manner of speaking...

So I have written a note...well, a plea, actually. On a nice piece of parchment, with my fine glass pen and ink. I tucked it into the bag with the FO. (Sigh) I do hope this works. I am getting desperate!
This is what it said...

My Dearest Faeries,

You must know, that I wouldn't ask this unless I had a genuine need, as it makes me feel like a grumpy grown-up, and I don't want to be one of those...not ever!

But is it possible for someone over there to please please please distract Taitin the Sylph with something shiny? At least long enough for her to vacate the immediate airspace in my head, so that I can get a little sleep?

Of course you know that I think she is beautiful...and I really really do appreciate her gifts of shining, and bright ideas!
But does she need to visit all night? EVERY night?

This Insomnia is starting to take it's toll, and I need to actually fall asleep before 7 am(at least ONE day this week...) for everything to function right and proper.
Otherwise, I am in no shape to play, and dance with any of you!

I would love if she came to visit during the WAKING hours! And yes...she has given me some interesting things to think I now realize that there are just as many ways to creatively recycle plastic as there is for paper...and I do think that Quentin Tarrentino and the writers of South Park should do a musical together...and a Chicago themed casino in Vegas is long overdue...and if I ever need to make a parade float that looks like a Spanish galleon, I now know the best way to do it...and maybe I should just make that independant film based on the modern Persephone myth...and it is nice to discover which song fits my voice best, even though I am never, ever going to audition for American Idol...

well, you see my point...

Sleep would be wonderful...and I would be very grateful for it!

Thank you all! (Taitin too!)

Your faithful Faerie Friend,

P.S. and if Laiste wants to visit and play in my dreams, she is more than welcome!

Aura Wolf

Good idea ;) Good luck Chronata!


oh you poor thing...they do have a way of keeping you up at night. Another friend of mine says she can feel them tugging at her eyelids when they don't want her to sleep. I hope it works! let us know if it does!


Hi Chronata,
Your story reminds me of when I was landscaping the yard.
And you are working on your tarot cards right now.
Two artistic endeavors.
I felt like the flowers and plants were my paints, and the yard was the canvas.

I aked the faieries to help..
And glad they were to do it to, because they got a special Faerie garden out of it.

But I couldn't sleep...
I'd sit up till all hours with gardening catalogs piled around me..
And then I'd be up early because the ideas just wouldn't quite.
Gardening is very physical work too and I was exhasted.

Faun was there with Taitin and a host of others.
Faun kept encouraging me to keep it natural....I think that's why we have a prairie, on part of the land.

I wish I would have though of your idea about the letter. (I hope that works..)
But another thought came into my head.
I took out a blue bowl that I found in an antique shop.
It has alot of faerie energy around it.
I don't know why?
And I put a spool of gold thread, a needle, a red plum, and a silver dollar my grandfather had given me in the bowl.

I put it out on the cupboard when I went to bed.
I told them to create, and feast, and play heads or tails till morning...
but what they could not do was keep me up..
And it worked.

I hope your letter works too. Good Luck :)


Well, after a nice 12 hour, much needed rest, I can report that the letter worked!

Which is very good...because over three days I had gotten a total of 4 hours of sleep...(not 4 hours a night, either...but 4 hours over all three nights!)

It was not good at all.

But apparently my plea was heard, and the faeries do not mess around with direct requests!
Just as I was falling asleep, I saw The Dark Lady behind my eyelids.
She took care of things.

Lark...I just love your idea of the faerie feast bowl!
I might try that next time something like this happens...(although honestly I hope it doesn't happen again...sleeep depravation is no fun at all!)
The problem is, I already have several bowls filled with similar stuff that I always keep out as faerie offering gifts!
maybe I just have to remind them how the bowls are to be used!


Sleeplessnes is ouchsome... I hope your faeries listen to you!
I often wish Taitin would spend MORE time hanging around me... maybe she could give me some ideas for my term papers.


Chronata - really interesting approach to the situation. Glad it worked, too.

What time of day did you write the letter and put it with the cards? At the end of the day, just before sleep?


I'm Glad your letter worked!

Merry Meet, I'm glad to hear you have gotten some sleep - you must feel much better now!
The faerys often visit me in my sleep on an astrial plane,
I wake up almost giddy! imagine that lol

Love & Peace