Soul Shrinker


SS the eye opener

I am truly in awe of not only the significant change of heart I feel toward SS but the love and beauty of the posts here regarding this inspiring little creature.

You all are so well spoken and inspiring, I am honored to be here and able to learn from you.




Although I chose Soul Shrinker as my least favorite a couple of weeks ago, when first starting with the Faeries, I don't see him the same way now. He shows me the face of my unkindness to myself and to others, in whatever form it takes. He's willing to take on some of the pain, and thus make it more bearable to face, so that I can heal myself. I love this card now! In fact I'm now having trouble coming up with a least favorite. I'm learning a lot from these Faeries!



I've been quite fond of SS from the moment I saw his little face peering out of the card. He must be very shy, as he hasn't visited me once during readings. I see him as the quiet kid at school, like me, who listens to all of the nastiness and gets hurt by it even when it isn't directed at him or her.

I don't know him very well at all though, I wonder why he doesn't feel able to come out and see me.


Dark Angel,

I would think that he hasn't shown himself very much due to you already have a good understanding of what it's like to be hurt often, being judged before being heard, or understood.

It was a while ago that I posted this about SS, and I'm shocked to see that it's been bumped and new posts added, that's awesome. So, after working with him for a while now, I would like to add a few other messages from him.

I would like to first start out that I had business cards made with Spirit DAncer on them, and then a faint faint faint soul shrinker laid on top. The person who did them for me swore I said if there's a way, please add Soul SHrinker to the card, but I said nothing of the sort. However, to me it's perfect and here's why.

To start off with, in case your wondering, I choose Spirit dancer due to an excercise I did a while ago. I shuffled the cards, asking the cards if I was a faery who would I be, and Spirit dancer showed up. After talking to my sister (Alissa) it made perfect sense to me why spirit dancer fits me (i'm very attuned, and very enraptured by spirituality, to the point that in my own way, I dance with it). As for SS, I think he's perfect as a faint overlay due to why people come to a reader, they come because their hurt, they want answers to things that no one else can answer. They don't want a psychological answer, or a scientifical one, they want a metaphysical one, perhaps they want to contact a loved one who has passed, or to see what's in store for them with their love life. Not all, but many are hurt, where the soul is being ripped apart (in one way or another) by internal pain, pain leads (or can lead) to anger, hurting other people, etc. He does (as another posted here) help take on some of the pain to ease our pain, as well as a warning of danger ahead, also, a card of internal pain/anger.

Now, you can't notice him on there unless someone points him out. Heck, I didn't even notice him on there until the person who designed my cards pointed it out, and I thought it to be perfect with not only my affection towards this fae, but also his meaning. Protective, consultant, and pain...which are common reasons for people to consult a psychic.

Thanks for bumping this thread, I really enjoy reading the new posts that's been added on to.



Your cards sound beautiful, sagitarian! Would it be possible for you to scan one in?


Unfortunately, i don't have a scanner, otherwise, i would be more then happy to.


oh well. They sound lovely, with perfect choices of faery, in my eyes. Actually, my mental picture of you is rather close to Spirit Dancer.


I did draw him as my least favorite card but as i looked at him i began to regret it he is quite cute. now he has taught me names do not mean everything

i just wanted to let you know that my mind has changed.


Soul Shrinker lesson

I feel really awful for the way I perceived Soul Shrinker when I chose him as my least favourite faery. Thank you so very much for giving me a true understanding of this little guy.

I suppose I should still contribute my first impressions of him over in the 'least favourite card' thread, but I am ashamed to realize that, despite my best intentions and my habitual practice, I assumed, from his unfortunate looks, that he is malevolent and represents all that is bad in the world.

I guess that's one of the lessons he's reminded me about, right from the word "Go". :)


Namaste, to that I would add, for you to consider...

You chose that card as your least comfortable, which represents, "something about how you can begin healing pain or resolving the issues shown by the uncomfortable card, and move closer to fulfilling the heart's desire, expressed in the appealing card." (Froud, 21).

So, think of it this way... SS gave you a gift. He held up a mirror and showed you something about yourself that you needed to see. That message is personal, and belongs to you.

And then, he showed you that by learning to change your perspective, he was suddenly not a monster at all! And neither is the monster you faced in the mirror! When you can learn to willfully change your perspective, you are free. :D