Soul Shrinker


I actually quite like the Soul Shrinker. My heart feels sorry for what's been done to him...and I just want to send him love.


I felt very sorry for him, poor dear! I want to give him a big hug!! book says he is bodhisatva - they have made a vow that they will stay back and untill every one else, even the smallest amoeba to the biggest sinner evolves into a budha and then will head on to heaven!
I felt really sad that when anyone things critical and bad thoughts he gets ugly, poor dear! he must be very loving to take on a hard job like that. loads of love!


I love The Soul Shrinker

I keep pulling him in spreads about a particular issue and marvel about how appropriate he is for those readings. I had a lovely experience with him today, actually. Someone had written and circulated incredibly cruel things about me and I was devastated. I decided to reach out to a relative of mine and tell her about what had happened. I had my oracle deck in my hands and the top card was shouting at me to turn it over. I did so, and there he was! I pulled some other cards, too, which were appropriate, but he was the message and he wanted to speak to me. The advice my older female relative gave me cohered with his message and he wanted me to learn some valuable life lessons: do not internalize the cruel messages of others; what this person wrote about me makes her look worse; remember this feeling so that you will be more careful about how you treat other people and what you think and say about them. I feel motivated, after having read his description, to think and say beautiful things (and carefully crafted criticism) so as to make him more beautiful and to heal him. I love this card. He's up there with my two other favourites (I love Bright Mother, and chose her first, but Soul Shrinker and Fairy Godmother are also really helpful right now). I'm so glad there are others who really appreciate him. He's here with me right now :)

PS. He was not chosen as my least favourite. I had a hard time choosing one of those, actually. I ended up with the Topys Turvets, which is actually helpful for me right now, too, but not in the same way.


I've only read the OP, but wanted to add my thoughts before I finish the rest of the thread.

I admit, I picked him as my least favorite card! I figured he had something to do with jealousy, but didn't read his description until yesterday, when I chose him again as my card for the day. Reading that bit about how he's ugly because WE have made him ugly with our mean thoughts and cruel words...well, it had an affect on me.

Lately my dear husband and I have been arguing a lot. We have a new-ish baby (7 months) and of course her blessed arrival has thrown our household into disarray. She is our surprise baby, as our son (11 years old) was supposed to be our only child. Anyway, I'm getting off track. Pulling the Soul Shrinker yesterday, I immediately knew he wanted to talk to me about my husband. How my angry words- both directly to him and also complaining ABOUT him to my friends, my mother, etc.- are only making things worse. I've not only made the Soul Shrinker uglier, but I've made myself and my marriage uglier. I felt very much humbled. And I'm going to take that lesson/feeling and start making things better, starting this very moment.

And now that I better understand this faerie, I don't feel that the Soul Shrinker is a repulsive card at all. I think he's going to have some rough conversations with me that will be for my own good, I'm pretty sure he's going to talk to me about my relationship with my in-laws, but that's for another day!

Luna's Crone


i did pick him, but funny, i picked him cuz of the soul shrinker part. I was gonna pick the baby one. gave me the creeps. I had a bad concussion where my spine meets my skull and since then i have lost my soul and spirituality, like the concussion knock them out of their house. then this last concussion goes and changes my personality a bit and argh. just plain ole argh. but i couldn't stand the thought of shrinking the soul I "lost" After it was done, i wished i had follow my instinct and picked the baby.

sorry soul dude, my really dumb bad.

Luna's Crone

Can i change my power card back to my first choice

Is it possible to change my power card from the soul shrinker to the creepy baby card which was my first choice. i just thought it wouldn't be politically correct to choose the baby. but I want to, it kinda haunts me a bit that i didn't.


He wasn't my least favorite card. He pops up sometimes and before I started remembering him, I always got a sinking feeling that this couldn't be good.

I find him to be humbling and sobering. I'm not surprised that so many people dislike him at first. It's like looking in a mirror that shows all the ugliest parts of our nature, the parts we try to ignore. Our first response is to recoil. Not because Soul Shrinker is bad. But because we are. (not all bad! We can get better! But it's so much easier to point out others' flaws than to address our own.)

His message is very important, though, and I'm glad for him. I don't think he hangs around very often. I hope that's a good sign.


When I first had this deck, I too, picked him as my least favorite card. Now, its not so much.
I don't get a lot of impressions from him, just that he has a sinus headache and he just does his job.