Spell against harmful people


Problem is of letting it bounce back it could bounce back again, maybe to someone else, (read that somewhere! :p) also the place that i read it somewhere was focussing on having rainbow energy around you with all the rainbow colours!! where they would get what they need at the moment. So maybe they will have a chance of positive change!!! (It was meant for energy vampires but can just go with anything lol.)


And 'binding' even though it's use is too broad here to be effective is a very serious business and not to be taken lightly. Binding is not prayer, nothing like it.

No, I know it isn't but was making a comparison about broad ranging, generalised wish/prayer/spells.


I don't define anything. I have no need for that. I am a grown-up with capable thoughts and emotions behind it.
You are defining the people you plan to bind, though. If you disagree with my actions, which I might think kind and OK - where would I stand ? Take for instance two sides of a war where both feel themselves to be on the side of good - which would you bind - as a non-participant from another country, say ?

You all seem to define magick though, which I think is the scariest part...
I don't define it here, but binding is fairy specific as a term.

I am so peaceful and kind that I have no problem casting this spell.
But by MY lights you might seem positively unpleasant and eminently bindable. That's where this falls over big time. That and trying to control others, which I dislike, whoever is doing it. There MAY be a case for it in the case of an elected government, but no-one selected you to decide who to control

And I'm not afraid of taking responsibility for my actions.
Nor am I. But I don't wish to take this action. Nor shall I.

And maybe... if you are afraid of magick and it's power, you might considering not doing it - for your own good emotions?

And if you say it's all about respect and not fear, then in my opinion if you can't treat magick with disrespect, then you should stay away from it...
(I imagine you mean if we can't treat it with RESPECT, not disrespect) - I have the greatest respect for magick and its power. I just don't think this is an appropriate use for it.

Praying, by the way, isn't about controlling people, it is about hope, and - as someone said - loving energy. This is about control. I don't see prayer as a deliberate action in the same was as I see casting a spell.

But I recognise that the original idea is one of good intent. I just don't think it can be performed that way.


I don't believe in any of this stuff. The only person I have control over is myself - and I struggle with that sometimes too.


all harmful people will stew in
their own juices until they learn

ok I am weird and high on pain meds but that kinda made me giggle a little bit.


I do believe your intentions are for good, but you are coming at this clearly from a point of wrath. Maybe a few things have hurt you recently, idk, but this is definitely the darker side of magic since you are asking not for mere protection from "them", but to bind them so they can't move, and so on. This is the type of spell that if it were to even work, it would come back on you 3 fold. I don't think you're realizing that its a black magic thing since you're talking about "negative people", but it is. Better to have a spell of protection for yourself, your home, etc. and not put so much focus on "them" and their affect on you.


Praying, by the way, isn't about controlling people, it is about hope, and - as someone said - loving energy. This is about control. I don't see prayer as a deliberate action in the same was as I see casting a spell.

Hmm, although I acknowledge the difference in intention here, I wouldn't say that Prayer is automatically not about control. It is accepted that people pray for all the 'sinners' in the world to find Jesus, or that God's word be spread to everyone on the planet. This is equally about control, merely from the perspective of the person praying and regardless of loving intention. Certainly I don't feel that I need such prayers directed at me and in the context of this thread, is just as controlling. I wonder about all generalised prayers.


The spell is not mine, but from the book "Tarot Spells" by Janina Renee. Over 140.000 copies sold.

I think it's a good spell with good intentions. And it's exactly the intentions that matters here. No spell is really perfect, is it? That's part of being human. You need to trust yourself and the good intentions you and other bring.