spirit dancer


lately i have in my readings almost every time the spirit dancer...the problem is i don't really understand what she stands for? can you help me out, what does she tells to you, who is she?

thanks a lot!!!

with love and a lot of faeriekisses :*



Hi Rostie :)

When I drew her, I wrote down the following observations in my journal (based on the questions in the book):

1. The emotional atmosphere of this card is growth. Overcoming past emotions. Emotional healing.

2. The physical manifestation of this card's symbols is feeling a burden lifted from one's shoulders.

3. The mental characteristics manifested by this cards' symbols are looking at future possibilities and mental creativity.

4. The spiritual characteristics of this card are of fullfilment and re-invigoration of the spirit.

5. What I find most appealing about his card is the forward motion and dance. Everything is alive.

6. I find nothing unnapealing about this card.

7. Other observations: on the day I drew this card a very old and painful situation was healed. The day was emotionally exhausting, but my spirit feels very lifted.

Right now (today) looking at this card I also notice the healing radiance of her hands and the outpour of her heart. To me she is healing love. The book indicates that she stands for "Self-Expression. Freedom. Exploration." Hope this helps!


it helped a lot jewel! yes indeed i'm recovering, i'm healing of a very difficult period...thanks a lot for your comments!!!

now i understand...

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rostie said:
it helped a lot jewel! yes indeed i'm recovering, i'm healing of a very difficult period...thanks a lot for your comments!!!

My pleasure! glad I could help out! Blessings to you.


Spirit Dancer's apparent solitude caught me off guard at first, but then I noticed the faces hiding in the background behind her. You can only just make them out --- like shapes chisled into rock, or moulded out of clouds --- and then I realized that she ISN'T alone, she just isn't worried about the other people. That's not to say that she doesn't care about them, because, as has been noted, her heart has an outpouring of light and compassion, but she is her own entity, and the opinions and observations of other people are not her primary concern.

'Dance as though nobody is watching you,' she sings, and from her the words are not just a re-used proverb, they are her life.

Her arms are spread wide, embracing, rejoycing, her eyes are closed, listening to music that only she can hear: if we listen closely enough, we might hear our own inner music, our own personal melody that is really only another bit of harmony in the great song of Unity.

Spirit Dancer believes that healing is best achieved in being ourselves, whoever, whatever, however that may be. She expresses herself by dancing as though she is alone, even when the world is watching. We must all find our own dance, our own creativity, our own identity, and then just BE. LIVE. And most importantly, GROW. Let the music change, let the winds shift and the seasons go around, and Celebrate each day of it, each budding flower, each growth spurt, and never do anything just because 'everybody else is doing it.'

This is the message Spirit Dancer gives to me. 'Be Unique,' she sings, 'Be all that you can be, and never stop growing.'

Maybe she was the inspiration for the new milk comercials, lol ;)


This card looks so sad to me. Her facial expression looks pressed with sorrows.
Her heart overflows as Spirit moves her to dace her despair. Her head is not in profile, but turned away from the front, burying her face into her far arm. Disillusionment.
Her hair and body are subtley edged with rainbows, her arms sweeping wide her sorrows, her hands are 'pouring' hands, not receptive, not active