Spirit De La Lune


This deck looks gorgeous! The cards are 3.5 inches in diameter so it seems they will be a nice manageable size... Any thoughts?


Scarlet Woodland

Oooh pretty, have signed up to the newsletter. Would like to see some samples of the writing as I'd need at least some jumping off points for this deck.


Looks. Nice. I undersrand why the cards are in a circle shape since they are about the moon but for me the shape of the cards matter. Every circle. Shaped deck I have ownedI I have pretty well sold off,


Does anyone know what is the price of the deck?


Appears to $45 (US), with $8 shipping, which I assume means within the States.

Scarlet Woodland

Heads up peeps, I just received an email saying today is the last day we can pre-order the deck. Apparently they made a boo boo on the shipping by not including a separate price for international shipping... which means for today you can still get international shipping for just $8.

For the $45 you get the deck, a 150 page book, a tin for the deck and a velvet bag... now watch me try and wangle a loved one into getting this as a VERY early present for me :D

Scarlet Woodland

Yup, I wangled most effectively :D

My lovely other half may not understand my tarot/oracle obsession, but couldn't argue with the beauty of the artwork on this deck. Amazingly, singing "we like the mooooon" in a silly voice at him while holding up the pictures did not hurt my case.


For those of you who may not realise just how amazing that is :joke:.


I wasn't quite able to handle the "Moon" video (guess I was born WAY to early to get the humor), but the "Looking for My Leopard" one that was linked to it kinda grabbed me. I'll never be able to listen to reggae again . . .