Spirit Guide? Ghost? Cool story regardless!


Such a shame! You seem to be saying that you are somehow inadequate or not worthy of a spiritual support system, when quite the opposite is true.

May I ask if your third eye is open?

Your third eye directly connects you with the spirit realm. Even if your third eye is not engaged you should be able to pick up subtle nuances in nature. Synchronicity that are discussed here often.

How would one know if their third eye is open?


How would one know if their third eye is open?

When I meditate, physical eyes closed, I can actually "see" mine opening, in my mind's eye so to speak. It looks just like my physical eyes, only single; but I feel it in my forehead, slightly above my brows and nose (centered over the nose). Not sure how others feel it, but that is how I get it, and know it is opening.

Starri Knytes

Oh my goodness. I never thought of that. I only thought you had to do those for saints, more specifically in hoodoo.

Although I did give her (I don't know why I call her her, I feel a feminine energy, if that makes any sense) thanks and spoke to her for awhile after. I've been talking to her out loud too, because now it feels like shecoyld be there, taking care of me. I'm so excited about this! Who would've thought that I'd ever have this happen. I've eaitedeince I was a little girl to have this sort of thing happen to me. It's pretty incredible!

Thanks for giving me that price of info.

I really like your energy/soul. I feel your sweet spirit through these messages.:)
Thank you. that's very kind of you to say.

Of course your guide hears you always. Sometimes we get so worked up its almost impossible to receiving their message or hear anything over our own thoughts. I'm glad you are open to it now.

As for the offering..
Followers of most belief systems offer thanks in a non-verbal way. The way this was explained to me is that most from other realms, spirits, guides, angel, saints, and Gods/Goddess's had at some point spent some time in the human form. And the thing that they miss most about that experience is the joy that comes from food.

I understand that grapes, bread and wine are appropriate. I don't always have wine available but I do try.

I adopted the practice out of appreciation and respect. I pass it on in the same light. [emoji813]

Starri Knytes

How would one know if their third eye is open?
Your third eye is also known as the Pineal Gland. It's the link between the physical and spiritual worlds. It helps us tune into a high frequency. When it opens you feel pressure. That opens to the brightest whitest light, that's where the exchange of information takes place.

There are meditation practices, chants, and a variety of stones that can aid in activating the gland.


Everybody has a guide or guides, whether you know them or not. They guide you into things you need, whisper that wee voice of instinct into your mind, maybe even guide your hand onto the correct tarot card. Guides are awesome :) Maybe ask for them to come closer and talk to you in a dream?