Spirits? or my own imagination??


Hello All:

I came to share this experience that I had last night, well I was deep in my sleep and then all the sudden I woke up because I felt a cold hand holding my foot, my right foot then I looked around and realize that nobody was there, then I thought could have being my imagination, but was too real I felt the cold hand, but I could not see anything with my physical eyes, has anyone experience this kind of things?

thanks for sharing your own experiences


gosh, sorry its been 3 wks and no one answered you. I can't say for sure it was a spirit, but I also can't say it wasn't.

I do recall my cousin, when he broke his leg really badly and had surgery on the leg, and then a cast with pins holding his bones in place, had to move home to his parents for awhile. One night, his leg slipped off the bed and he was having a very difficult time getting it back up on the bed properly. All of a sudden his deceased grandmother appeared and put his leg back up on the bed and also the pillow under it to raise it up as dr. orders.

Sure surprised my cousin--who's mother was a psychic medium, but he never believed in spirits or spirit activity. :D


Thanks my dear for replying, yes I remembered vividly to have felt a cold hand holding my feet and funny the sensation of cold hand woke me up. The interesting part on this was not the fact that this individual woke me up but the surprise that I was not scare. I thought myself maybe is my imagination but then I thought maybe not; I felt the cold hand.

Thanks miss Celtic for replying