Spread Design Blockage: "Descent of the Goddess" Spread Concept


Hey guys, let's say that you are inspired to design a spread, but....you haven't a clue how to turn that inspiration into questions to be answered or a pathway to deeper understanding? :p

I've been inspired to design a special spread for Samhain called "Descent of the Goddess", which is a simple high archway of seven cards to indicate the seven gates to the Underworld that Ishtar was compelled to pass through when visiting her sister, Ereshkigal.

I was also tinkering with a spread that looks somewhat like the zodiac glyph for Pisces, and both arcs of the glyph had a proliferation of "Cauldron" cards--I was using the Tarot of the Olf Path--with a High Priestess (intuition/ mysticism, etc.), the Hanged Man (Neptune-ruled card assoc. w/ self-sacrifice), and the first arc began with the Fool and the second arc ended with The World showing a progression with the start and end of a journey. Both arcs were also joined by the 2 of pentacles, indicating decisions and juggling potentiality, etc.