Spread for twelve year olds


Some friends, parents of twelve year old twin girls, want me to do readings for their daughters in a few weeks to introduce them to the tarot (fwiw the parents have an idea what tarot is but not an in depth knowledge, have less fear of woo than even I do)

I would like to avoid "fortune telling" as well as anything that would be too personal (like boys), concentrating more on self knowledge and advice. I would like to show what the cards can do.

They're smart, creative girls (writing fantasy novels both of them - maybe on their books? I don't know)

The great Aeclectic Tarot hivemind never fails me- do y'all have any ideas, inspiration

thank you,



Here's one that might work:
They'll be 13 next, right? :p

Do check our Tarot Spreads Index for more ideas. It's full of spreads that might work. Personal growth spreads are in post #5 of the Index.
The Disney Princesses spread is a bit large but it might be another one worth checking out. I think there was one for Frozen, too. If those spreads feel too childish for them you could always modify the spreads, of course.


THank you Hemera and Barleywine - they both loved Disney Princesses and fairy tales when they were a little bit younger but I don't know about now, I missed a couple of years there and am returning to their lives - I suspect that they do since they're writing fantasy novels...I may adapt those so thank you for the inspiration.

I'll check with their parents to see what they might like the most the princesses or the who am I which I think is also really good for 12-13 and I saw some hints the last time I saw them that this might be just the thing

again, thanks so much, this gives me food for thought and something to go on!