Spread; Searching or Creating ?


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I've been browsing some into this forum and to my fascination I've come across many spreads then simply the few I got familiar with (celtic cross & the linear spread, to name just 2 of them (no, its not a big amount, I simply don't recall them from mind :)). Considering that there are many methods out there I'm wondering if most of you people actually spend a lot of time looking for a certain spread (to answer a certain question I guess) or have any of you ever used a form / spread you created yourself ?

I can imagine that if you pick up a few cards from the deck you can somehow 'relate' as to what the card could / would mean and/or stand for (future, distand future, past, etc.). Surely the usage of Tarot isn't limited to a few 'pre decided' ways on how to use it ?

And to top it a somewhat harder question (I guess ;)): if you did make your own spread(s) in the past what was the major factor for you to reconize your 'method' as being a 'working spread' ('' because I can imagine that if a spread works for you it doesn't automaticly mean it will work for everyone)?


I make up spreads, but usually only when there's a specific need for a certain kind of spread--like, a spread to decide about a job. I think a working spread requires simplicity; no more than 7 or 8 cards max, and clear placement and positions (i.e., what each position means). There are spreads out there that lay out just about every card in the deck. They're a bitch to read. Simple, will work for just about anyone. The larger the spread, the more complex, the less likely it will work for "anyone"--though it might well work for some.


I keep meaning to come up with a couple of memorable 5-7 card spreads for basic questions...something that has...past, present, future, character, solution...type thing....
Other people have already posted their's. I beleive..


Up until recently, I would search and search for just the right spread for those really difficult questions. Usually, for more easily-categorized questions, I would use the CC, Golden Dawn, or the 5-card spread I found in the LWB with the Robin Wood Deck.
However, recently, I felt a really strong need to do a reading on the war situation (see that thread under Your Readings). I couldn't find the right spread for the situation, so I just kind of winged it. I based it loosely on the Golden Shadow spread from Cunningham & Amaral.
Anyway, I thought it worked out well. A spread will probably work out well for others if it isn't specifically designed for your question, if it's got general positions that could apply to any similar question. I guess.


The only traditional spreads I regularly use are the Celtic Cross (people expect it and it looks sort of impressive, I suppose) and the Madala spread I found in the book "The Mystical Tarot". I actually don't use that one often, mostly for doing major soul searching! Beware: the info. you get from that spread may not be to your liking! LOL :D

I've come up w/ a few of my own spreads that work really well for me and are very adaptable to almost any situation. I really LOVE 5 card spreads!

The major thing in creating a spread is to be very clear on what each position means. I focus on that just as much as I focus on the question. Especially if the spread is brand new, I pay very close attention to where I'm laying those cards! I don't have to do that w/ the Celtic Cross anymore because it's so familiar and comfortable.

Good Luck! And don't forget to share, I love new spreads.
Rhiannon :)


I use a "modified" celtic cross. When I got my first deck it had a paper in it explaining how to do a reading. But it was in French, and I guess that my French isn't as good as I thought it was. So by the time I learned there was a "right" way to do a Celtic Cross, and they way I did it wasn't it, I was pretty devoted to "my" spread. I use other spreads. I like the ones in the Osho Zen book.
Yet, when in doubt I go back to "my" Celtic Cross. I also have a habit of doubling the spread, except for the center card. I use the second card in each position as clarification right from the start. This seems to work very well with my Hanson-Roberts deck for some reason.
With me certain decks seem to work better with certain spreads.


Quote:Originally posted by Pedeka
I use a "modified" celtic cross. When I got my first deck it had a paper in it explaining how to do a reading. But it was in French, and I guess that my French isn't as good as I thought it was.
Now this sounds awfully familiar in some way :) Its almost the same for my Mage deck; the booklet explains some spreads, the Celtic cross being amongst those, but it also differs a small bit from the Celtic cross which is explained in the books you can find on the Net. The regular cross puts the cards in a circle around the querant card (right, under, left and top) while the Mage deck uses some form of pattern (bottom, top, right left). Still; it works for me thats why I also keep using the form I've "learned".


I don't know if it counts as a spread but for my daily card I draw three cards, and place them in a vertical line.

Card 3 Advice from above
Card 1 Theme for the day
Card 2 What's going on under the surface

It works for me, but I don't know if it would work for other people.

Have you looked on Bec's site for cool spreads, some of them made up by people here? The url is http://www.anjastarot.dk/

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i close my eyes and ask the cards how they would like to be read.

then i follow their lead.

otherwise i use the 'tree of life'

here's my meanings:


above the abyss (or spiritual realm)
1/ will or direction
2/ the lessons that you learn from your will
3/ more info on card #2

below the abyss (or physical realm)
4/ what is coming up
5/ your strengths
6/ what is in your heart
7/ your emotional self
8/ your mental self
9/ astral space (dream space where you do most of your spiritual work)
10/ your physical self

i love this spread and use it alot.

in light,


I have now 3 different kinds of tree of life spreads, and yet I don?t recall they wear these meanings jade,

I will ad it if the meanings are different to the ones I have, but please who is the creator of this tree of life spread ?
you ? or is it from a book ?

cheers bec