Spread suggestion?


Hi folks!

Have a friend who has a rather complicated love-situation, with herself and this guy - and the ex-wife still being a part of his life. There are kids involved as well as some complications.

I would like to do a spread that focuses on the "threesome" relation, and the situations and feelings of all three... How do I do that?

Had a look at Rhiannons Expandable Love Spread, but am unsure if it really covers the interconnection with three persons messed up in each other, the way I want it to, in order to get down to the bottom of it...

Does anyone else have a suggestion?

Light and love,
Jenny :)


Hey Jenny-Li.

I've tried 2 things here. The first is a version of the Expandable that may help.

Card 1 = your friend
Card 2 = her relationship/feelings for the guy
Card 3 = her relationship/feelings for the wife
Card 4 = the main problem
Card 5 = the solution

Not sure if that will really help. Here's something else though...


This one works like this:
Card 1 = your friend
Card 2 = the guy
Card 3 = the wife
Card 4 = friend's relationship with the guy
Card 5 = wife's relationship with the guy
Card 6 = the main issue
Card 7 = solution

Not sure if either of these will help, but maybe they'll give you some ideas anyway.

Rhiannon :)


Hi Rhiannon!

I LOVE your second suggestion (well, the first one too, but perhaps not in this particular case!), will definitely suggest it to my friend, might give some important insight!

Thank you so much!

Jenny :)


I have a friend in the same situation and Riannon your second spread is perfect for me too! Thanks for sharing it!


COOL spread,

I have given it a name "Rhiannon's LoveTriangle" :)

hope you dont mind.


You're welcome. You can call it that if you want, bec. I just sort of "whipped it up" without really thinking about it too much. I like to keep these things really simple and mutable so that they can be made to fit just about any situation. Glad you found them helpful!

Rhiannon :)