Spread: The present you should buy ( 3 Cards )


If you want to buy a present that fits in the style of this person, children, family, or others.
This spread is for you.



1 - 2 - 3

1. Who is the person that you want to buy a present?
2. What type of present this person would like?
3. How this person will react to your present?

Interpretation example

4 of Pentacles
This person likes to collect all things, so, she can like things that she can place in her home.
The 4 can represent that the person, likes everything with a story, past. ( Stable )

3 of Swords
Something that pull her heart, like a romantic gift, but has to do with home.
Example: So... Passepartout with photos to put in the desk, or, a jewelery.

10 of Cups
The person will react with great joy.
She will be happy.


I'm happy that you liked ;)


Cool spread, thanks for sharing.

Funny I just did one for each of my parents and got the same card in the middle position for both of them.


I will definitely use this one, it is so heartwarming and joyful, thanks!

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