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Sometimes a volatile situation feels like it'll get worse before it gets better. It's messy, chaotic, and it's only a matter of time before something happens. This is a spread for those times.

Various online sources define the term "witches' brew" as a) a harmful or threatening mixture; diabolical concoction, b) a mixture of dangerous or unpleasant things, and c) a potent or fearsome mixture. Yup.

Cauldron ‒ where's this hot mess currently found?
Stock ‒ what basic ingredients are causing the problem?
Spice ‒ what new aspects are making the situation worse?
Boiling ‒ what will prevent (or cause) this toxic stuff from boiling over?
Tasting ‒ for what errant purpose was this noisome mix intended?

As you mix the cards together imagine the witch slowly stirring and cackling. As you bring your nose right up to it, pick the five cards that make the spread. Then find out if it's you who'll be forced to swallow the crone's foul stew.


Oh, wow, what a cool spread!
I just recently had a situation that would have benefitted -so much- from a reading like this.

Will add this to my spreads list!


Awesome spread!

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I adore the creativity which I find in this section of forum. Next spread to note down and use.

Thank you for sharing :heart:


Love this spread! I posted a a thread in the Reading Exchange offering these for feedback and I think it really touches on a lot of issues that are contributing to the problem, so you can kind of isolate it in a way and figure out what is going on. Really fun spread, with a lot of information!

Thanks for posting it
:love: P


love this spread, am looking forward to playing with it. thanks for posting! this would be a good one to use for a lot current events.


Plusms, Looks like you had good luck with this at your recent reading exchange. I glad you liked it. PS - Love the black and orange colors.

rubyofjoy, It seems that Alta had a good take on your cards as well.