Spreads and Major Acena


Hi everyone,

I would like to know if it is possible to do a spread, say something like the Celtic Cross, with only the Major Arcena?

Are there any spreads that only use the Major Arcena cards?




In my tarot classes we are only using the major arcana
Here is spreads which out teacher gave us.... you can use it for yourself and for others to highlight the most important thing or issue around them at that time.

Life Cycle
1. You (Current state)
2. How you feel about your current state
3. Your Environment
4. Past
5. Future

It is in the form of a cross with one in the middle, two to the left, three to the right, four underneath one and five on top of one.

Have a try and if you need help post the spread on the forum


Major Tom

Quote:Originally posted by Diana
For a long time, I only used the major arcana - I found the minors too daunting (I was wrong). I used them in all spreads and found them to be very accurate and it helped tremendously in developing my intuition.

Like Diana I used the major arcana exclusively for readings for many years - the only spreads I've encounted that didn't work with the majors are those that call for more than 22 cards!


Hi there Prcoqueto

I've been taught that if more than a couple of major arcana cards turn up in one spread, then you should stop what you are doing and repeat the spread using only the major arcana cards - because it's going to be something very important!

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Somethig similar to Mermaid: I was taught that if the majority of your spread is Majors, then what you asked is mostly up to fate. If they are mostly Minors, then the question you asked is all up to you, you're totally on your own!