Spreads and Thoth


I am very much a newbie and have been considering which spreads are suitable for this deck. The cards seem to rely very heavily on inter relationship and dignity. Due to this so many spreads seem unsuitable as the cards seem boxed away on their own.

Do people have any particular spreads they reccomend for this deck or just that they like to use with it?


One spread that doesn't - at least in its original form - support EDs (Elemental Dignities) is the Celtic Cross. For that reason, I created two variations that reconfigure the CC so it's more conducive to EDs. They're posted in the Tarot Spreads sub-forum.

Actually, any spread that can be reduced to a series of triplets with a central "focus" card in each set is effective for use with EDs: a three-card line, a five-card line, a nine-card square, etc. The spread presented in the Book of Thoth is the Golden Dawn's Opening of the Key spread, but I'm not sure I would recommend it for a beginner. (On second thought, I'm sure I wouldn't.)


Fascinating, this makes me want to delve more into the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life seems to be the key to this deck.

True statement, and well worth the effort for a lot of reasons.