Star - Major #17


The Star in any deck is enigmatic at best, and I don't see anything that makes me slap myself upside the head and sit up or take notice with this card. Perhaps the spiritual aspects of this card have been overshadowed by The Guides? Nice art - but nothing registers when I see it ~ how do others feel?


I admit the Star in this deck is not one of my favorites, no matter how easy on the eyes this genie-guy seems to be. To me the Star is "hope, faith, optimism, having a guiding light by which to steer." This seems to me more like a "make a wish" card (which I've heard people say in reference to the Star), though I'm not sure if the figure rising out of the stardust is supposed to grant the wish or *be* the wish!


I actually like the Star in this deck more than the more traditional star depiction, I've never understood it.

I'm not exactly "there" yet with the Star in this deck, but I'm definately way more comfortable with it than the other Stars I've seen.



the star

I note the difference between this and the traditional presentation... I like this one very much - a sort of personal guardian angel instead of a simple light in the sky. I drew this card several times, and it gave me a strong hope that there is a future and a hope for me and 'him'... although he has indeed many hang-ups. I also drew the nine of cups in close proximity, and then the ten of cups - which, in this deck, speaks of unselfconscious commitment and fulfilment... I feel reassured and encouraged.



I love this image - the star is my own special card, going from birthday &c., but it's full of many things - firstly that angel-guy is hugely inspiring - he joins earth and heaven and seems to call me to go with him into a new more inclusive dimension - coming after the collapse of the tower, this suggests hope and a new direction... I always get a lift when I draw this card.