Steampunk tarot (Moore) - 10 Pentacles


An intriguing scene with the potential for the imagination to run riot (I love it when that happens).
We have a main scene and subscene, and the interesting thing - either could be the main or subscene if that makes sense.

I will class for now, the balcony scene as the main issue. Here we have a couple who are in love. Male and female, holding hands looking into each others eyes. Really sugary-sweet, and if you like those old romantic films you will probably correlate this to a particular favourite. Almost hiding, but peering out between his father's legs is a young child. From the dress and hair I would say a boy. We also see two white West Highland terrier dogs (my favourite breed). One is standing next to the female, and itrs posture is more of a guard. That dog is looking out beyond the balcony. At what, we do not know.
The second terrier is sitting next to the female, looking out towards the character below (the one I for now am calling the subscene character). This is a female holding out a large tarot cups showing 10 discs. Not sure if she is looking at the card, or has let her focus glaze over as she meditates on the card. In the sky above the whole group, we see a couple of strangly shaped airships. They are to the left of the sky, so could either be coming into shot, or just leaving the shot.

So yes, we do see the family unit here. Parents, child and pet. Nice. :)
But we also have the addition of the female with the card.

As per previous typings I won't say at this stage what each means, as that may not really jump out until it appears in a reading. In which case, those details will be added.
However, I already have aspects to ponder:

** What is the signifcance of the dog breed? (I always see them as highly intelligent, playful and very loyal).

** What can be made of the fact they are positioned next to the female, and how does that relate to the overall association with this card and suit?

** How would the boy's facial expression and posture be incorporated into either a reading, or within the overall association with this card and suit?

** What does the balcony tell you about the home they live in, and their possible financial situation?

** What is the tarot reader trying to tell us? Tell the couple?

** With traditional RWS imagery, we see a guy outside of the family group, a wall dividing them. How does her presence make you re-evaluate (if at all) his role in other decks?

Interesting card.

Green Horse

I am having a real problem with this card. The first time I flicked through the deck it jumped out at me in a certain way and then I got it in a reading. I therefore applied the same meaning to it (negative slant for me) and am wondering whether I'm cluttering the message with my current state of mind.

To me I identified with the tarot reader in the foreground, and to me she is looking wistfully whilst the bloke makes his union with the pretty, traditional, fair haired, 'easy' woman.

Anyone else feel this? Or care to comment on their experience?


Interesting, Green Horse. I think it really depends on whether you see the tarot reader in the foreground as part of the scene or as simply someone walking by and going 'hmm, this looks like a 10 of pentacles moment to me!' (Or am I the only one who tries to relate small day-to-day occurrences to the Tarot?)

If you see the tarot reader as part of the scene, it does read like 'small dark-haired kid looks at his also dark-haired mom with sadness while his dad smooches with his new blonde girlfriend.' But nowhere in the book is this even implied. I think this interpretation is really emphasized by the fact that the kid and one of the dogs are looking straight at the fortune teller.

If they hadn't, it would've been easier to read this as 'fortune teller walks by, smiling wistfully as she sees a happy young couple in love. She knows it can't last, because after you've reached everything, where can you go next? Let them rejoice in their happiness for this brief moment at least.'

I like the stylistic choice of not stuffing all those pentacles in the scene but neatly placing them in a card-within-a-card instead. But maybe just having the card float by on its own (like in other cards in this deck) would've helped with clarity.

(OTOH, I've read on this forum that several people see the 10 of pents as a sign for adultery. This makes it a lot more explicit.)

Green Horse

Wow, WolfDeca, I never would have seen normal 10 pents as adultery. I will have to look up those thoughts of others on the forum.

I love your interpretations, and I think you've hit the nail on the head with the little boy and the dog. They know. Small children and animals for whom intuition is automatic and natural?