Steampunk tarot (Moore) - 10 wands


Just as I said the 10 of cups had muted energy, and not something I usually associate with that card, this also has an unusual vibe going on. But it does feel slightly more in keeping with how I see this card.

We have a young girl walking along what appears to be a cobbled path. It is night time, with the stars being part of her way forward being lit. In her hand she is carrying a full length staff, a glowing orb at the end illuminating her and the way ahead. She has on her back a very large carrying device (sorry but words to give it a name are escaping me for now - something like a huge quiver). It is strapped to her across both shoulders. Inside we see she is carrying a fairly hefty load of the wands, but seems to be doing okay. No bending forward to take the weight, nor are they pulling her backwards. Houses behind her are lit from within, the light clearly being seen through the windows - yet we do not see anyone at any of the windows.

Falling around her are numerous tarot cards.

** How well is she coping with her load - and what gives you that impression?

** Why is she carrying such a load, and where is she heading?

** What do the cards fallling signify?

** Why is she ignoring them? What difference would it make if she were to stop and either look at them or pick them up?

** What would the wands signify in a given reading?

** What is the significance of the fact this scene is set at night time? What could it symbolise?

** We cannot see her feet, so have to wonder - is she walking or floating?

** What can be deduced by the design of the wands? (A couple looked intricately carved).

It is kinda nice to see something different from this card. When we see the typical bent over/struggling figure it is so easy to go into a standard interpretation. This one will make me think a little more around the whole issue of how the load can be tackled. If it has to be carried and not discarded, a change of mindset and mental fortitude needs to considered. She is showing that aspect rather nicely.