Steampunk tarot (Moore) - 6 of cups


"In the midst of grime and despair, the smallest act becomes unspeakingly beautiful". (Taken from the accompanying book by Barbara Moore).

The background of this card indicates an industrial setting. Certainly something that was commonplace in the UK in the 1800's. We see high rise buildings (possibly factories or warehouses) with a huge wheel indicating we are amidst the industrial part of the town. Two tall chimneys are billowing black smoke, and we are left to wonder if the white behind are clouds or indication of other emissions from factories we cannot see.

In the foreground of the card, we have two chaacters. The young male is wearing a flying outfit, including the fur lined bomber jacket, flying hat and goggles. He is offering to the young girl in front of him, a chalice full of pink flowers (roses?). She is reaching out ready to accept them. On shelves behind and to one side of him, we see 5 other chalices. Three have items within in the form of other plant life. Two appear empty.

Quite often this card is linked to reminsicing, or of having fond memories of the past. If this were to apply both characters may in time have memories of this encounter, and in the main - they will be positive. Neither are speaking in this card, so the memories may be of what took place as opposed to what was said.

But what about if this relates to the here and now? It will not always be possible to use this card and immediately relate to a past issue. Barbara has rightly indicated this in the book. Sof it were to relate to the here and now, it may be asking us to find beauty in what we perceive to be a grim time. It may show that just a simple action can bring light and colour to what could otherwise be a dark time in our lives. If you relate to the young gentleman, you will have one angle to follow. If you relate to the female in a reading, the energy will be slightly different.

I am also interested in the other items on the shelves. He has chosen the most colourful flowers, and possibly has followed his instinct in knowing which is most appropriate for her at this time. I do wonder then, who would be the recipients of the other chalices. Are they being sold, or are they offerings? If offerings, I think he is the giver. He may have a more privelaged lifestyle, and is aware that he is able to make a difference to those who may not have the same opportunities that he has.

If they are being sold, I suspect the young girl is the seller. If that is the case, the ownership has gone the other way to how I have previously described.

I quite like the setting here, as it does give us something else to consider should this card appear. If it had been drawn in a nice country setting, it would have not had so much to fall back on.